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COVID-19 self-diagnosis test kits available at pharmacies throughout The Canary Islands

COVID-19 self-diagnosis test kits available at pharmacies throughout The Canary Islands

COVID-19 self-diagnosis test kits are available at pharmacies throughout The Canary Islands, and the Ministry of Health, through the General Directorate of Assistance Programs, regulates their use. The self-tests available in pharmacies, however, is not valid for use as a diagnostic test certificate, to access interior spaces of establishments which require the COVID-EU certificate, on islands that are at Alert Level 4 and for access to the interiors of bars and restaurants on islands at Level 3 that want to increase their capacity usage from 40% to 50% of their legal limit.

Self-test diagnosis can be carried out both at the pharmacy itself and at home. For this reason, when purchasing these products, the pharmacist must explain to the customer the methodology to carry out collection and processing of the sample correctly and to interpret the result of the test. Once the test has been performed, the leftover waste items should be disposed of according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Negative result and no symptoms

If the result of the self-test is negative and the person does not present symptoms compatible with COVID-19, they should continue to maintain basic protection measures against SARS-CoV-2, such as the proper use of masks, frequent hand hygiene , keeping safety distances and guaranteeing the ventilation of closed rooms.

Negative result with symptoms

In the event that the test is negative but the person has symptoms such as fever, headache, cough, sore throat, etc., or the test result is positive, the person should call the Canary Islands COVID-19 toll-free line, 900 112 061, where they will be given instructions to follow and be required to perform a Diagnostic Test for Active Infection, as they will be considered a suspected patient with a probable positive case of COVID- 19, until otherwise proven.

In neither of these last two cases should the individual go to a health centre or to hospital emergencies departments, as this would be putting other people using these health services at risk, the correct thing to do is call the line 900 112 061 to receive instructions to follow.

The Ministry for Health points out that it is essential, as soon as any symptoms compatible with COVID-19 are detected, even with a negative self-test result or a positive result, the person is kept in isolation to avoid contagions within their immediate environment.

During the isolation process, if their state of health worsens, the Canarian Emergency Service (SUC) should be contacted directly through their main emergency number 1-1-2, where instructions on how to proceed will be given, but never should isolation be breached.

Antigen self test

Tapid antigen tests detect active infection by identifying the presence of a protein within the virus itself. It is a simple test that produces the result in just a few minutes, and must be performed in the first seven days after infection or in the first five days with symptoms.

The test confirms whether the virus is present in the body, that is, if there is an ongoing infection at the time of the test

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