As Gran Canaria continue to bring infection rates down, maintaining a level 2 alert, and as the rules and regulations are slowly eased, this a good weekend to enjoy the beautiful views this springtime island has to offer, together with a few events and leisure options to explore, as different communities start to carefully reopen their municipal agendas. The weather forecast for the weekend is not the usual all sunny all around but definitely warm enough to have a joyful time. Hopefully soon we can enjoy more of all the wonderful cultural and leisure events that happens throughout the year around Gran Canaria.

There is a gastronomic route in Moya this weekend, Flowers in Gáldar and the neighbourhood of El Tablero are celebrating their patronal festivities, traditionally the first of the main summer fiestas.



13-16 MAY, VILLA DE MoyA

Cheese produced in the municipality of the Villa de Moya will be the stars of this first gastronomic route event framed as the ‘Textures of the earth‘ program. The route takes place at various bars, cafes and restaurants around the municipality and the main town from Thursday to Sunday, 13-16 May 2021.

A total of ten establishments are offering a cheese tapa, a dish costing three euros, and it includes a drink that may be water, a soft drink, juice, wine or a beer. The establishments participating are La Marisma Grill Restaurant, Soledad Big Waves, Casa Pedro Grill Restaurant , La Trastienda, La Huerta de May, Treinta y Una Delicias, La Droguería, Sibora Restaurant, Jazz Club Mozart Restaurant and La Colonial de Fontanales.

Reservations can be made through the website of the Villa de Moya Town Council or by scanning the QR code on the event posters, which will redirect you to the website, where those interested can reserve their table to enjoy these tapas and find information regarding the hours of each establishment.

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Cheeses from Moya star in the first gastronomic route of ‘Texturas de la tierra’


Gran Canaria’s southern residential neighbourhoods of El Tablero, which grew up around the tomato plantations of old, on the other side of the GC-1 from Sonnenland and Maspalomas, are celebrating a very special edition of their main patronal saints’ celebration in honour of the Holy Trinity. The current health situation allows some events to be held in public venues where the capacity can be controlled. This annual celebration is usually the first major summer fiesta to start the season, and though likely to be a touch more subdued than usual should still contain most of the primary elements that make this such a must see event for anyone on the south looking for a little cultural tradition.

There is a Craft Fair and Agricultural Market at the public square of El Tablero on Saturday starting from 10:00.
On the same day you can also donate food in the public square in front of the image of the Holy Trinity, from 10:00 -14:00 or starting from 18:00, at one of the 13 decorated crosses that adorn the streets of the neighbourhood. The food will be collected by participating NGOs and delivered before the image of the Holy Trinity.  a chance to really show some solidarity with those locals who are struggling more than most in these strange times.

In the evening there will be a firework show at 22:00 to finish the day.



The Town Council of Gáldar celebrate their first edition of “Gáldar en Flor” exhibition from May 13 to June 2. Gáldar in Flower features a sample of flowers and plants displayed in the main street of this ancient pre-hispanic Gran Canarian Royal Capital, with a broad range of colours and beauty, centred along the emblematic old street of Calle Capitán Quesada.

This exhibition is a reinvention of the traditional one held in December to celebrate “Flower Week” and aims to respond to the request of local neighbours and visitors who would like to see the main street shine on more occasions just like in December, when it is filled with flowers and plants among the compositions prepared for the event that encourage Christmas shopping and visits to this old enclave on the north of the island. The local town council have taken advantage of the arrival of spring and the month of May, which is the month of flowers, to offer this new exhibition under the name of “Gáldar en Flor”.



The famous second hand market of Maspalomas has been operating again for some time and its a great opportunity to find previously loved treasures, unusual bargains and a wide range of second hand goods, all in the open air at the main parking area of the Municipal Market of San Fernando.

From 08:00 to 14:00


The recently renovated San Lorenzo Agricultural Market in the north east of Gran Canaria, in the municipality of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, not ten minutes from the city centre, inaugurated their new facilities on April 18 2021.

This weekly market is the one of the most unique attractions in this little population centre with its own distinct character. San Lorenzo maintains its own personality and preserves a natural charm still linked to the rural world and traditions of Gran Canaria.

From 8:00 to 13:30 in the open air with 26 stalls offering agricultural products and offered by the producers themselves.