Inga Nuke, a 51-year-old woman who went missing on July 29th in the capital, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, has been located in the town of Arucas. She is reported to be in good health and is currently in the custody of the Civil Guard of Arucas.


Inga Nuke’s disappearance had been a cause of concern for her family and her local community, with her case having been reported and shared widely by SOS Desaparecidos since July 31st. The organisation highlighted her “vulnerability” and the fact that she had disappeared two days earlier in Gran Canaria’s capital city.

Since her disappearance, various groups including the Grupo de Intervención Operativo de Rescate y Salvamento (GIORS), have actively participating in the search and rescue efforts. According to the missing person poster, Nuke, who is 51 years old, stands at 1.65 meters tall, has a slim build, short blonde hair, and blue eyes. She was described as wearing gray capri pants with colorful stripes and a pink and white striped shirt.

Originally from Latvia, but fluent in Spanish, she was located this morning when she approached neighbours in the north of Gran Canaria to request water. Concerned residents promptly notified the Guardia Civil, who arrived to ensure her safety. Inga was then taken to the local barracks to be asked about her situation and give a statement. Her family, who had been anxiously awaiting news, rushed to Arucas to be reunited with her and assess her condition.

In a statement from the Guardia Civil, they said that Inga Nuke will be transferred to the National Police as the formal investigation is under their jurisdiction as per the formal report filed.

Inga Nuke’s disappearance and subsequent recovery serves as a testament to the dedication of law enforcement agencies, working with volunteer groups and the cooperation of local residents who thanks to the information published were able to ensure her safety once she was recognised.