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Author: The Canary

75% mainland travel subsidy for island residents looks likely to be announced this week

The president of Spain´s central government, Mariano Rajoy, last Sunday while in the Balearic Islands, announced the likelihood of a forthcoming, and long fought for, increase to the subsidies for travel between the peninsular Spanish mainland and the islands, although without having specifically mentioned The Canary Islands, it now seems certain that the subsidies will increase, from the current 50% for island residents up to 75% of the ticket price. Any doubt that has remained as to whether the measure will be adopted for both the Balearic and Canary Islands’ communities have been largely dispelled by sources close to the...

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Gran Canaria Weather: A cloudy start, with African dust expected from Tuesday afternoon

More rain is expected this Tuesday, particularly on the north of the island, with cloud to start the first half of the day and the potential for showers, that could persist into the afternoon, when rainfall will become less likely, weaker and more occasional, according to Spanish State Meteorological Agency AEMET. High altitude Saharan dust blown in from the African mainland, known locally as Calima, is expected to descend across the islands by the end of the day, with temperatures seeing little change, perhaps rising slightly. Northwest winds with strong intervals are expected on northeast and southwest slopes, as...

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Casa África Las Palmas: Investing in “the continent of the future”

African economies are growing at an average rate of 3.5% and the vast majority of countries on the continent welcome with open arms the arrival of foreign capital to maintain the current dynamism of their economies. Over recent years, both political stability and better governance have been improved to a large extent, but there remains important obstacles for business. West African leaders this week joined the Casa África  international economic forum, Outlook for economic growth in West Africa, in Las Palmas and among other subjects discussed corruption in its various forms – evasion of capital gains, tax fraud & money...

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A blustery night with some strong gusts and rough seas expected to continue on Friday

Spanish State Meteorological Agency, AEMET, late on Thursday announced a yellow advisory for coastal phenomena and strong winds, gusting to 70km/h, overnight and into the the early hours of Friday morning, and sure enough north winds have buffeted the east, west and south west coasts of Gran Canaria throughout, reaching up towards force 7 out at sea and bring rough seas to coastal waters around the island. Friday is expected to start cloudy with weak rains to the north of the island, and cloudy intervals likely elsewhere, though the south of the island, in the lee, can expect blue...

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Newsbrief: Arrested for theft and the assault of a minor at a bungalow in Maspalomas

A man has been arrested after being accused of theft from a bungalow in Maspalomas, in the touristed south of Gran Canaria, and of having assaulted a minor who had surprised him in the act, reports the Police Headquarters of the Canary Islands. The detainee allegedly stole a wallet, a watch and a tablet, said a statement. The arrest took place after the complaint of a British man, reporting a theft during his holiday staying at a resort in Maspalomas. The complainant indicated how his son had surprised an individual inside the bungalow in which they were staying. Having taken a wallet containing documentation, credit cards, 195 euros in cash, a clock and a tablet, the individual then allegedly assaulted the child and fled the scene. A police investigation identified a 49-year-old man as the alleged perpetrator, with numerous prior police records, who was located and detained by police officers in San Fernando de...

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