Following cautious jubilation among tourism businesses in The Canary Islands in response to the new regional decree law, that will finally allow antigen tests for entry to the archipelago, UK Transport Secretary Grant Shapps has thrown an exploding spanner in the works once again, by announcing that all arrivals from the holiday archipelago, into the UK, will once again be subject to mandatory quarantine, after they have been earmarked once more for removal from the UK government’s list of safe travel corridors.

As of 4am on Saturday 12 December, travellers entering the United Kingdom from the Spanish islands must, once again, self-isolate for up to 14 days.

The decision was made, according to a tweet from Grant Shapps, after a rise in the number of coronavirus cases.

He tweeted: “Data indicates weekly cases and positive tests are increasing in the CANARY ISLANDS and so we are REMOVING them from the #TravelCorridor list to reduce the risk of importing COVID-19.”

We will bring you more as we get it. Perhaps in the meanwhile, somebody could organise a little protest to Save Tourism in the Canary Islands from UK ministers and their calculations, which seem to be based on what is happening in Tenerife, rather than the islands as a whole?