The Ministry of Health reported this afternoon that seven new Covid-19 corona virus positives have been confirmed, bringing the total active cases registered in the Canary Islands to 28.  The seven new cases are on the island of Tenerife, where a total of 20 active cases are being monitored and of these, four are from the same group of Italians who were hospitalised last week, three of them without symptoms and one presenting clear symptoms.  Outside that group, one other has been hospitalised and the rest are in self isolation, according to the Ministry of Health

On Gran Canaria, there are seven active cases; four from the original group of Italian citizens first detected last week, all of them have had to be hospitalised, one of them is in a serious condition. The other confirmed cases are all in self isolation at their accommodation.

On Fuerteventura there is one case registered who is in self isolation.

The Health Minister, Teresa Cruz Oval today presided over the Executive Committee of the Canary Islands to analyze and agree the urgent measures to be taken in the face of this Corona Virus crisis.

Representatives of the various government departments involved, including Tourism and Education, were joined by the Spanish Government Subdelegation, the Canary Islands Federation (Fecai), the Canary Islands Federation of Municipalities (Fecam), the Cabildo de Tenerife, the Cabildo de Gran Canaria and the Directorate General of Security and Emergencies and representatives of the Canarian Emergency Service (SUC), among others.

Regarding the free information line activated by the Ministry of Health (900 112 061), 1,608 calls were received yesterday to this number and 231 calls made to the emergency coordination line 112.

The Health Department have reminded everyone that if they may have symptoms related to Corona Virus (cough, sore throat, fever and perhaps shortness of breath) or if they have returned at any time in the last 14 days from any of the risk areas around the world, or indeed have come in to contact someone who has travelled from these points, that they should isolate themselves from others and as soon as possible get in touch with the team at 1-1-2. They must avoid going to any Primary Care Centers or Hospital Urgencies Emergency Rooms.

?? The Ministry of Health has agreed a set of protection measures for specific populations across the entire Spanish territory.

These include the following:

?Foster home care for the elderly

?Recommendation to all elderly people who suffer from chronic, multipathological diseases or with states of congenital or acquired immunosuppression that they confine themselves, as much as possible, to their home or residence.

?Avoid unnecessary trips, appealing to individual responsibility

?People who develop respiratory symptoms and/or fever are recommended to stay at home, avoid going to health centres and their workplace.

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