The preliminary investigation, according to local sources, appears to confirm the hypothesis of an accidental death, in the case of the tourist found dead this Monday in a Puerto Rico de Gran Canaria apartment, in the southwestern municipality of Mogán.

The autopsy is scheduled for this Wednesday, and initial indications appear to suggest that the deceased man may have died of natural causes with a fall causing him to suffer a blow that resulted in a nasal trauma, which was the cause of the pool of blood found next to his body, in which he was found face down. The case is being investigated by the Court of Instruction number 3 of San Bartolomé de Tirajana.

Two Irish tourists (though there have been mixed reports about their nationalities) had been staying in the apartment. When the cleaner entered, around noon, she found one of them, in his early thirties, dead in the room and the other listening to music on the terrace, claiming he didn’t know anything about the grisly find.

Despite sleeping in the same room, in separate beds, he reportedly claimed he hadn’t see anything when he woke up. The corpse was halfway under the bed. Initial indications suggest that both had ingested various substances after two intense days of partying. Samples of DNA, blood, and urine were taken from the deceased’s companion, who seemed very disoriented.

Pending the autopsy’s findings, the initial examination of the body, and the scene of the incident, seem to suggest a preliminary hypothesis that no third parties were involved. The man’s body showed no signs of defensive wounds or signs of struggle. There were also no footprints or bloodstains on the sheets or projected onto the walls.

The man’s body was not removed until after six o’clock on Monday evening, when it was transported to the Forensic Anatomical Institute in the capital of Gran Canaria. For now, the investigation has been declared secret at the request of the Civil Guard until the causes of death can be clarified. Given the special circumstances in which the man’s body was found, the law enforcement agency has initiated an investigation that could, it is hoped, be resolved based on the autopsy results, over coming days.

Local residents and clients of the apartment complex, at the top of the west hill overlooking the well-known holiday resort town, have expressed shock, dismay and sadness over the death.  The apartment complex have worked tirelessly to offer any assistance they can to the investigation, and to ensure the well being of the other clients staying at the establishment, popular with British and Irish tourists.