A holiday in the south of Gran Canaria has ended in tragedy for two friends after a 32-year-old man was found dead with a severe head wound in an apartment complex in Puerto Rico, Mogán. The Guardia Civil is handling the case, and there have been conflicting press reports about the victim’s nationality, with some sources identifying him as British and others as Irish.  International press have also picked up on the story.


The victim was discovered on Monday around midday by a cleaner at the Colina Mar complex, in a pool of blood. Emergency services were called to the scene but were unable to revive the man. His companion was also found in the apartment in a disoriented state, which officials believe may have been due to substance use.

File Image of Guardia Civil

Officials from the Guardia Civil have imposed a secrecy order on the investigation details, a standard procedure in such cases, especially as they await the results of the autopsy. While no hypothesis has been ruled out, indications of an accidental death are being considered. Witnesses have reported hearing noises and even screams coming from the apartment in the early hours of Monday, raising questions about the circumstances leading up to the incident.

The popular budget apartment complex, popular with many visitors from the UK and scandinavia, nestled on the top of the west hill of the famous tourist resort town, has become the centre of a thorough investigation as authorities work to clarify whether the fatal injury was accidental or the result of a deliberate act. The surviving friend, unable to recall events due to claimed memory loss, has provided little assistance to the inquiry, despite regaining consciousness when the authorities arrived.

The autopsy is critical to establishing the precise cause of death and will help determine the next steps in the investigation. As the local and expatriate communities on the island await further details, the Guardia Civil continues to piece together the events of that night, aiming to provide answers to this perplexing and unfortunate event.