Next Monday will be 14 days since Gran Canaria moved to Covid Alert Level 3 and the regional Government are expected to announce this afternoon that these restrictions will continue to be extended, as the infection rate has not yet been sufficiently controlled. The cumulative 7-day incidence this morning stood at at just over 107 per 100,000 population indicating that current restrictions will continue for the moment, though things are moving in the right direction.

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The island currently has 3,155 active cases having accumulated 160 deaths, out of a total 13,783 cases detected since the start of the pandemic. Pressure on the health service, in particular hospitals is still not especially high, with 119 patients admitted with Covid and 30 in the ICU. However the 7-day incidence stands at 107.3 and the 14-day is holding steady at 217.9 per 100k population, which is one of the primary indicators used by the Ministry of Health to decide Alert Levels.  Gran Canaria is likely to stay at Level 3 for now.

The committee of experts and the Health Ministry follow parameters recognised by the WHO, and so before Gran Canaria can move back down to Alert Level 2, the accumulated incidence will need to be sustained at between 50 and 100/100k. Though coronavirus is clearly very present on Gran Canaria, primarily in the capital Las Palmas, there is confidence that control can be maintained now at Covid Alert Level 3 as it has been a few weeks since the holiday season, which was expected to produce a spike.  Lanzarote remains as the only island in Alert Level 4 with a 7-day incidence of 390/100k and currently 758.4/100k over the last 14 days, with the data pointing to their continuing to struggle to bring the infection rate under control.


**Article updated 22:00 to reflect announcement that Alert Level 3 expected to be maintained until at least February 8 on Gran Canaria