The violent motorcycle accident which occurred on Sunday in the Los Azulejos area, near the Veneguera intersection, between Mogán and La Aldea on the GC-200, has resulted in a fourth tragic fatality.

3 were left dead at the scene, including a couple from Tamaraceite and a bricklayer from Arucas, whose 14 year old son rode as his passenger and who it has now been reported died this Wednesday morningthree days after the accident, at the main Insular Hospital where he was being treated in a critical condition, having been unable to overcome the various blood transfusions and interventions administered in an attempt to save his young life.

The teenager had been the only survivor of the shocking head-on collision between a high-powered BMW and a Honda 70 on Sunday near Veneguera, on the road between La Aldea and Mogán. The boy’s father, Carmelo Lorenzo, was driving the Honda 70 and was buried yesterday in Arucas. The couple who were on the BMW have been named as Jesús Carmelo Delgado and Angharad Rodríguez, of Tamaraceite who were also buried yesterday in San Lázaro.

The Guardia Civil are investigating the incident to try and discern if speeding was the cause of the couple riding the powerful BMW motorcycle having collided with father and son on the much less powerful Honda 70 Monkey Bike.

The father was passionate about motorcycles and mechanics, and of a very calm character, according to various people who knew him.

The Dax Monkey Team collective, of which he was a member almost from their beginnings a little more than two years ago, have remembered him as a person who always had a smile. “Good friend and good father,” they point out  and they emphasise that he was very reserved.

The group had left around nine thirty on Sunday morning from the shopping center La Ballena, in the capital, which was their usual meeting point. From there they headed northwest to reach La Aldea, with two brief stops. They ate next to the Charco de La Aldea at 12.30. “No alcohol,” they insist, because they never drink on these trips. An hour and a quarter later they climbed back on their minibikes and left heading in the direction of Mogán, where they had planned to take a break in Arguineguín for a coffee, before returning to Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.

But tragedy was to cut short this Sunday bike tour. At around 1430 the accident occurred, ending the life of Carmelo Lorenzo, leaving his son fatally injured.

Jesús Carmelo Delgado rode the other motorcycle involved, accompanied by his partner Angharad Rodríguez, also both great lovers of two wheels, travelling from Mogán to La Aldea aboard his powerful 1,000 CC BMW.

The two bikes collided head on while travelling around curves and bends with little or no visibility. The couple resided in Tamaraceite, and were also well known among motorcycle enthusiasts, as they ran a automotive business, Valery Motor, so were closely linked to the biking community.

The Guardia Civil have noted that the section at which the accident took place is speed limited to a maximum of 50 kilometres per hour, and that technicians will take several weeks to write their final report. The case has been sent to court number 2 of San Bartolomé de Tirajana , while accident investigation experts of the Traffic Corps make their technical report which it is alleged will likely determine whether or not the BMW invaded the opposite carriageway, as another Honda 70 was also almost involved.

Some witnesses say that they could not even have had time to brake, with no skid marks on the asphalt after the accident, indicating that the tragic outcome was very abrupt.

This is the sixth fatal motorcycle crash in the archipelago this year so far, all in the last month.