The pilot Manfred Ruhmer, has traveled from Italy to Lanzarote to fly his ultralight electric plane, the SWIFT LIGHT E (Icaro 2000). This is the first flight of this type of vehicle on the Canary Islands. It has an autonomy and range of more than four hours, able to remain in the air without landing. Even adverse weather conditions, like the Calima haze and gusty winds that have swept the Archipelago, have proved no obstacle.


“The aircraft takes off from the ground taking the form of a glider. For every meter it descends, the craft glides 27 meters forward, allowing it to fly over Lanzarote for up to four and a half hours straight,” explained the Lanzarote ultralight pilot Andrés Rodríguez, who has had the opportunity to witness Ruhmer’s performance.

The Lanzarote Hang Gliding club flight field, next to the Teguise Agroindustrial Complex, has been where Ruhmer has been exhibiting his unusual craft.