A man has died under suspicious circumstances in an apartment complex in Puerto Rico de Gran Canaria, Mogán, prompting an investigation by the Guardia Civil. The individual is believed to be a foreign national, possibly visiting the popular resort town on holiday.  The incident, marked by signs of violence, allegedly involves a head injury that could suggest criminal involvement. The investigation is currently under a confidentiality order to facilitate the gathering of evidence and clarity on the event, as stated by the Guardia Civil.


Emergency services were, we understand, alerted to the situation at approximately 12:30 PM this Monday afternoon, following the discovery of a body by cleaning staff at the Colina Mar apartment complex, located in the hills of Puerto Rico de Gran Canaria. A man, believed to be about 30 years old, was reportedly found in a pool of blood, and the cleaner immediately notified authorities and sought assistance.

Responding to the call were health care providers, the Mogán Policia Local, and the Guardia Civil. At the scene, according to sources, another individual was found in the apartment, described as being in a state of disorientation.

A doctor from the nearby Arguineguín health centre, who was taken to the scene, has confirmed the death of the individual after examining the body. The  head wound appears to be the most likely cause of the blood found at the scene.

The Guardia Civil is keeping all investigative avenues open. The situation could range from an accidental fall causing the fatal injury to an assault by another individual during an overnight dispute. The forthcoming autopsy will be critical, and is expected to provide definitive insights into the cause of death.

The incident is under thorough examination by the Guardia Civil, who are investigating all potential leads to determine the precise nature of the death.