Canary Islands residents will not have to submit a coronavirus test result to be allowed to stay in holiday accommodation on the islands.  Once the amendments to tourism laws come into force, currently being prepared by the regional Government, residents will have to declare that they have not travelled outside the Archipelago in the 14 days prior to their stay in any tourist apartment or hotel, in an affidavit signed at checkin. Residents will need to clearly state that they have not left the Islands during the previous two weeks. Tomorrow the Governing Council is set to approve the decree law that will modify both regulations on tourism and classified activities in order to protect tourism and citizens themselves against coronavirus. The law is expected to come into force within 15 days; at which time all regulated accommodation, that is, hotels, apartments and also holiday homes, will be obliged to require the signed declaration from their Canary Islands resident clients, if they want to stay.

Mainland Spanish peninsular, as well as foreign tourists, will have to prove that they have had a negative coronavirus test within 24 to 72 hours before their arrival at the hotel, however Canary Islands residents will not have to test so long as they provide a sworn statement that they have not been outside the Archipelago in the previous two weeks. The Islands have managed to magnificently show that they can curb infection rates for the second time since the start of the pandemic, with the lowest instance of coronavirus in all Spain, and some of the best data in Europe for detection and control of outbreaks. The new admission system will oblige tour operators, airlines, embassies, consulates and other institutions and companies  to work together so as to ensure clients and citizens submit a negative test result for the virus, and any relevant declarations if they want to stay in hotels, apartments or tourist homes. Canary Islands residents will have to wait 14 days before leaving the hotel if they have returned from abroad or from other areas of the country.

The Balearic Islands too are considering a similar demand for a negative coronavirus test upon arrival at their hotels

It remains to be clarified where, exactly, the tests on tourists who land without having had a test before getting on the plane to come to the Islands will be carried out, The Spanish State have refused to carry out these tests in the airports, though it is not very clear why, as have the European Union, quote regulatory issues, though it has been suggested that tents outside the Spanish airport facilities could be one option.

The declarations procedure should be quite simple, though we do not know yet if this will be a standard form used by all or if each establishment will need to write their own form.  More details should emerge over the next few days.