The Spanish Congress will debate, and vote, this week on if it is now finally time to abolish the legal obligation to wear masks against coronavirus, not only outdoors but also indoors.


The Plenary Session of the Chamber will discuss a proposal presented by the conservative leaning Ciudadanos (Cs) party, who will also take advantage of the control session this Wednesday to ask the Spanish Prime Minister, Pedro Sánchez, for explanations on why it has not yet been decided. Ultra-right nationalists, Vox, are also to present another similar text this Tuesday at a session of Spanish Health Commission, having insisted for months that the measures need to be scrapped, as a general rule.

The deputy spokesman for Ciudadanos in Congress, Guillermo Díaz, will ask the Prime Minister “why he has not already eliminated the mandatory use of masks indoors.”

In that debate Health Minister, Carolina Darias, has said that the removal of indoor masks will come sooner rather than later, which is the same response that Sánchez has been giving for weeks but has not yet materialised into a set plan.

According to the Spanish press today, the motion urges the Government to eliminate the mandatory use of masks indoors, “in line with scientific evidence, with the epidemiological situation and with comparative perspective”, and is quoted as stating in terms of the health of Spanish citizens “it is unacceptable that this banality be played with”, especially “when there is no scientific evidence to support the current measures”, which have already been eliminated in other countries like Belgium, Denmark, France, United Kingdom, Norway or the United States.