Reports of fuel theft have been increasing of late as prices at the pump continue to soar in the face of rising prices, something that had begun to happen even before Russia’s invasion of Ukraine which has only increased the uncertainty for motorists
In the last week alone fuel has been reported stolen from at least 10 vehicles on the southeast of Gran Canaria, in the area around Vecindario.

One victim released a video saying “Mad Max, is what we’ve come to. They made a perfect hole with a drill, man” describing how fuel thieves are now emptying tanks using little more than a battery powered drill a tube and a plastic container

Various crimes have been reported across Spain as motorists with a criminal bent seek to avoid having to pay the exorbitant fuel costs which, even despite a 20 cents subsidy per litre from the central government, have left hauliers and other commercial transport operators across the country, and throughout the EU, deeply concerned about their ability to continue to do business.

There have been reports of thieves using false number plates to leave forecourts without paying, as well as falsifying other documentation, and in the town of Linares (in Jaén on the mainland) two men were caught red handed, after a chase in a vehicle that had been stolen, and in which they were carrying 13 liters of gasoline that they allegedly had removed from the vehicles of unsuspecting motorists during the night.

Members of the public are advised to be vigilant and report any suspicious activities around parked vehicles to the police. The emergency number is 112.