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First suspect arrested following investigation into violent attack on Monday afternoon in San Fernando

First suspect arrested following investigation into violent attack on Monday afternoon in San Fernando

Policia Nacional have arrested a man thought to have been directly involved in the brutal unprovoked attack that took place on Monday in the little car parking area of the Plaza del Hierro, in San Fernando de Maspalomas, on the south of Gran Canaria, official sources have confirmed. The authorities continue to investigate and attempt to locate and identify participants in the brawl which was caught on video by a concerned local resident, going viral across social media, and in local and national press.

The violence on display, in which up to eight people were involved, left one individual on the ground seemingly unconscious after a string of blows, leading to alarm throughout the south of Gran Canaria as well as a range of unsubstantiated assertions, including the claim that one of the victims had died. According to police sources, the attack was over control of the parking area, where the two suspected victims, who refused medical treatment and left the scene on foot, have long been known as “helpers” and are thought to be either disadvantaged or indeed even homeless members of the community of San Fernando.

The swift arrest comes following a security meeting, planned since last week, at which Spain’s Government Delegate committed 40 more police officers and more resources to help allay fears of a breakdown in security on the south of the island connected to the presence of irregular migrants being temporarily accommodated in nearby tourism establishments while awaiting transfer to alternative government camps, for processing and either deportation or asylum application.  Mayor Conchi of the San Bartolomé de Tirajana, who organised today’s meeting, has called for calm and encouraged members of the public to report their concerns through official channels rather than sharing unsubstantiated posts on social media.

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  1. lUCY wEIR pHd

    No undocumented migrants were associated with this brawl. Yet migrants are blamed. Migrants are the most tightly controlled population on the islands. British tourists have often been involved in violence and antisocial behaviour. I say this as a British person. Blaming the migrants without any evidence is evidence of racism. Be kind. You have no idea what people have been through. I have a huge amount of respect for the Canarian government in its humane handling of the forced migration crisis, and with its own internal security in a time of the pandemic. Be well, and be kind, and don’t spread false rumours.