There has been a lot of tension coming up on video recordings on Gran Canaria in recent days and weeks and childish men seem to think it is ok to brutalise others for no good reasons whatsoever.

This latest footage sent to us shows yet one more childish tantrum with a ridiculous Mister-Angry suddenly attacking another citizen for no known reason as he has a public meltdown caught on camera.  The cyclist who fell prey to the overly macho shouty person driving around in his motor car, was being verbally attacked first.  He removes his cycling shoes, which can often be unstable to walk on, before the car passenger grabs him by the arms as he tries to converse with the driver, who then without warning launches a series of blows.


Other motorists have to intervene, one shirtless guy pulls the driver off the cyclist, who is left on the ground, and forcibly persuades the attacker, in full meltdown, to get back in his car.

The shock of the sudden descent into violence is clear from the audio on the video.

The various tensions over recent weeks and months, economic hardships and the lack of tourism on the island, are starting to have an undesirable effect on some very small minded men, clearly feeling powerless, as they lash out at anyone who appears to be in their way.

Whether its people pretending to be attacked and falsely reporting, homeless guys being victimised by thugs, middle aged vigilantes threatening innocent migrants, knife wielding racists, angry mobs chasing foreigners or our ever present cyclists giving rise to motorist frustrations that then get way out of control, these apocalyptic images of what has always been our tranquil and inviting sub-tropical island need to stop.

Grow the F*** up.