Mogán have presented their Christmas program and a calendar of events for the municipality in 2019 this week at the Las Marañuelas Training Centre, in Arguineguín.

The Christmas program will run from this Friday December 14 to January 5 and will include activities spread across virtually all neighborhoods of the municipality. So Arguineguín, Mogán, Motor Grande, Las Filipinas, Barranquillo Andrés, El Horno, Veneguera and Playa de Mogán will each enjoy events “aimed at the whole family and especially the littlest ones in the family”, explained the mayor during the presentation.

Today, Wednesday December 12 will see the traditional switching on of the lights in time for Friday, December 14, when a Christmas Gala will be held in the Plaza Pérez Galdós de Arguineguín, beside the main Spar, in front of the Parish church, where a TV Canarias television program will be filmed called ‘Night of Taifas’. “It will be broadcast on the night of December 24, on Christmas Eve, so we invite all residents to participate, as well as anyone who simply wants to enjoy the music and dance of various groups from different backgrounds and points around the archipelago”.

The calendar of events also highlights the inauguration of the Ornamental Nativity Scene, located in the Church of San Antonio de Padua in the main Pueblo de Mogán, on Saturday 15, which can be visited until January 6, as well as a concert by Los Sabandeños on Friday the 21st in the Plaza Pérez Galdós and the ‘Belén Viviente‘ (Living Nativity), which celebrates its 33rd year, in a unique event where residents of the lovely little village of Veneguera represent traditional Canarian jobs and chores in a unique setting within the Veneguera valley, beyond Pueblo de Mogán, along the GC200.

The Christmas program will be extended until January 5, 2018 with parades, Christmas concerts, carol gatherings, Christmas markets and children’s activities . “Everyone can enjoy the more than 50 scheduled activities with all the family, among which will be a photocall board shaped like a giant Christmas glass ball that will pass through different points of the municipality along with the musicals ‘El Sastrecillo Valiente’ and ‘El Secreto del Ratoncito Pérez’ ‘”, Bueno announced during her presentation.

End of the year

On the night of December 31, the municipality of Mogán will offer three great alternatives for residents and visitors alike. Playa de Mogán will celebrate the start of the new year in the square Doctor Pedro Betancor León with Güira Latina and DJ Juanjo. In the Sarmiento y Coto square in the town of Mogán revellers can follow the traditional 12 chimes of the church bell to continue the party with the popular Orquesta Tamarindos’ -La Nueva Mekánica and DJ Aitor Cruz. And for its part, the Plaza Pérez Galdós de Arguineguín will have a giant screen on which will be shown the main Televisión Canaria celebrations. Bidding farewell to 2018 with the performances of Dsua Ill Man, Jennifer Dons and Samu and the Malabar show ‘Alehop’. The artist Paco Guedes will star in the new year’s festival.

Delivery of letters and ‘Auto de Reyes Magos’
Once the new year has come, the children of Playa de Mogán can enjoy a parade on January 3 where they can deliver their letters to a royal page, who will visit the people of Mogán Casco (Pueblo) on the afternoon of January 4 and on the 5th he will be at the Feria de Reyes in Arguineguín. The mythical Three Kings, will receive the magic key to the municipality, upon their arrival by boat in to Arguineguín so that they and may deliver their letters during the journey they make.

On the same day at 20:30 the ‘Auto de Reyes Magos’ will be performed in the Church of Pueblo de Mogán. A dramatic piece of great historical and cultural value that reflects the experiences of the Magi during their trip to adore a child after his birth.

Events Calendar Mogán 2019

The mayor of the municipality also took the opportunity to present the new Calendar of Events for Mogán 2019 which she said “we have created taking into account the acts of all the Councils and collectives of the municipality.” This is a step to improving the municipal planning by the council, so as to have a better organisation of necessary resources and so that residents and those who visit us have this information in advance.” The physical calendar has been designed as an almanac and will be distributed throughout the educational centres, among the different associations and collectives, in the municipal offices and other points of tourist interest in Mogán.

The Canary Guide will also include a full run down of events in English language.



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