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Mogán town council assumes direct management of services on Playa de Mogán

The Mogán Local Council on Friday installed new sun beds and umbrellas on Playa de Mogán, beginning direct management of seasonal services of this popular beach, along with the other six beaches for which it now holds corresponding authorisations: Las Marañuelas, Costa Alegre, Taurito, El Cura, Aquamarina and Patalavaca. Since last summer they have also been in control of direct exploitation of  Puerto Rico and El Perchel beaches.  The majority of these coastal tourism enclaves were managed by private companies who held the concessions, some of which had been in place for decades. 

The Canary Guide #WeekendTips 27-29 January 2023

Tenteniguada Almond Blossom Festival
It’s the last weekend of January and exactly two weeks to go until the 2023 Carnival season starts on Gran Canaria. This weekend will most probably be enjoyed with a drop of wet weather, Sunday being forecast as the rainiest. The southern tourist enclaves look to also see a bit of cloud cover and even a small chance of seeing a few drops of rain. However you look at it, it may be handy to have umbrellas and raincoats around during the days to come. There is even the possibility of some snow on the mountains as we head into next week.

More than half of all Canary Islands properties sold last year were bought by foreigners, more than half of those non-residents

While we still await final figures for the last quarter of 2022, the latest official data from The Canary Islands has shown foreigners are buying more homes in the Canary Islands than ever before. The number of real estate acquisitions by non-residents in the Canary Islands has risen 52% compared to the same period in 2021, and is already 16% higher than the highest ever record set in 2017.


La Alcaldesa, the mayoress of Mogán, investigations continue before the courts, after trying to block Guardia Civil from looking at municipal files

La Alcaldesa, O. Bueno, was called on Thursday, before the judge, to defend why she ordered her IT manager to stop Guardia Civil access to town hall computers after her arrest, not for the first time, back in September 2020.  The case is just one of the several derived from the latest round of allegations, which came to light after the 2015 local elections, accusing her and her people of dodgy dealing and electoral fraud, having been accused of orchestrating a vote buying plot with a local business man who materially benefitted from the relationship, both financially and in terms of municipal service contracts. The the original case had to be shelved, as the investigation ran out of time to bring charges under Spain’s statutes of limitations, in essence a technicality, but several other investigations have continued through the courts.

Town hall silent this Friday as Playa de Mogán beach again closed due to suspected fecal contamination

Mogán town hall has once again chosen to remain silent this Friday in regard to the closure of Playa de Mogán due to suspected sewage having been detected in the waters of one of the islands favourite tourist-cum-fishing towns, choosing instead to talk about how much money they have spent on sports projects. This is already the 5th time in 4 months, reports news portal El Digital Sur Gran Canaria, that Playa de Mogán beach, one of the most important on Gran Canaria, in the Municipality of Mogán, has been closed to bathers.

Mogán’s deputy mayor will be put on trial accused of awarding 16 contracts ‘by finger’ to his own law firm

Since 2018 the courts have been investigating an alleged crime of continued prevarication (deception) in Mogán Town Council’s having awarded up to 16 contracts to one particular law firm. Mogán’s deputy mayor, and councillor for Urban Planning, Mencey Navarro (CIUCA), will go to trial when the Investigating Magistrate’s Court number 3, in San Bartolomé de Tirajana, has reviewed the collected evidence of the commission of a crime of prevarication. A recent order from the Sixth Section of the Provincial Court of Las Palmas has also dismissed an appeal filed by the lawyer Miguel Rodríguez, who was a partner in this firm alongside Navarro, in which they have tried to have the case thrown out; a motion the Provincial Court has denied saying that “there is no place” to annul the investigation against the deputy mayor.

Something smelly in the waters of Mogán: Police close Playa de Mogán beach again, for the third time this summer

Playa de Mogán beach was closed yet again this week and bathing was prohibited, on Wednesday, when fecal contamination was detected in its waters. Independent Spanish-language news portal for the south of Gran Canaria, El Sur Digital Gran Canaria, reported subsequently that Mogán Town Council workers removed the delimiting tape closing the beach to bathers in Playa de Mogán at around 9:00 a.m. on Thursday morning.

Mogán’s CIUCA town council approve doubling taxi fares and prohibiting unattended towels on the beaches or boats within 200m of the shore

A rather unwelcome set of new measures has been announced by those fun folks still running Mogán Town Council this week, making clear that they will not allow parasols, umbrellas, tables or towels to be used to reserve space on the beaches, for long periods in the absence of their owners. The representatives of the people of Mogán have decided such items left unattended will be considered abandoned, and may be removed by municipal workers.

Police investigate dead body found in the Los Frailes ravine, between Tauro and Taurito, in municipality of Mogán

Guardia Civil Judicial Police are investigating the death of one Juan José VJ; a 53 year old resident of Santa Lucía de Tirajana, originally from Ingenio, who was found dead on Friday afternoon in a waterway channel, in the Los Frailes ravine, in the municipality of Mogan. The body appears to have had various injuries, so agents are trying to determine if these were made by another person or if it was due to an accidental fall.

The discovery was reported at around 8 p.m. on Friday when a citizen notified the main 112 Emergency and Security Coordination Centre (Cecoes) saying they had found the body of a man at the bottom of the ravine, located near the GC-500 coastal highway and between the urbanisations of Tauro and Taurito. Mogán Policia Local and the Guard Civil travelled to the scene in the first instance, and corroborated the information given.
The emergency room also deployed the local Fire Department, from the Puerto Rico Park Consortium, and Mogán Proteccion Civil in anticipation that the transfer of the body would take some time as it was located in an area ​​difficult to access. Investigators appeared at the scene to analyse the surroundings and the corpse, as did the judicial authorities.
The initial investigation lasted for several hours until, at around 3am on Saturday morning, the body was transferred to the Institute of Legal Medicine in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, where an autopsy has been carried out to determine the causes of death. The firefighters, with the support of Proteccion Civil, had to lift the body with a truck crane using an articulated arm to remove the man from the ravine channel.
Agents located the victim’s belongings about 200 meters from the place he was found. Sources consulted point out that the Judicial Police from the Puerto Rico – Mogán Guardia Civil main post participated in the investigation, having received support from their colleagues in the Las Palmas Command, due to the possibility that this was a homicide. The first inspection of the body determined that there were various injuries, although it remains to be understood if they were due to a fall, as the man was found at a bottom of a five meter drop, or if this could have been due to an assault.
While the first responders were working at the scene, the 112 emergency room also reported burning vegetation in the Amadores ravine that had to be extinguished by the Fire Department of San Bartolomé de Tirajana, as the Puerto Rico crews were engaged in this operation.
An ambulance from the SUC Canary Islands Health Service also participated at the scene of the death.

Police seek possible victims of Patalavaca masseur accused of sexual abuse and videoing his clients

The Guardia Civil’s Judicial Police Team in Puerto Rico de Gran Canaria (Mogán), as part of Operation Kurnia, has investigated a 59-year-old German for seven crimes of sexual abuse and intimacy. The man, who runs a massage parlour located in Patalavaca, on the south of Gran Canaria, is accused of having taken advantage of his clients by touching and/or recording them with hidden cameras over more than a decade between 2005 and 2020.

The investigation began all the way back in February 2020, following a complaint from the mother of a 15-year-old girl, reporting alleged sexual abuse while she was receiving a massage, without physical evidence that directly demonstrated the commission of these sexual abuses, an investigation was launched.
The Guardia Civil went to the Massage Centre to carry out the initial checks of the possibility of a crime, and discovered that in the massage room, where the alleged sexual abuse took place, there was a spy camera recording the massage table area.
They obtained 82 video files with recordings of some 20 naked women receiving massages from the man under investigation
As a result of the visual technical inspection and a search of the public establishment, investigators seized all devices on site suspected of being able to store videos and images of the alleged victims, detecting a second device with a hidden camera.
Throughout the investigation, the Guardia Civil studied and forensic analysed memory devices, on which at least 82 video files were found, containing recordings of some 20 naked women who had received massages while the women were seemingly unaware that they were being recorded with the hidden cameras.
The suspect had been running the massage centre in a tourist and residential complex in Patalavaca for more than a decade with a large portfolio of Spanish and foreign clients.
Locating the victims
Investigators have requested collaboration with German police authorities, to assist with a case of a German victim, dating back to 2005 having been discovered.
The alleged perpetrator has been detained by order of Investigating Court No. 1 in San Bartolomé de Tirajana
The various lines of inquiry over time led the investigators to identify three women, a minor and two adults, who had been recorded naked with spy cameras without their consent between the years 2019 and 2020. The minor, a girl, and an adult women had been victims of sexual abuse in the performance of massages, amounting to a total of four victims, increasing the criminal charges against the suspect. The Court of Instruction No. 1 of San Bartolomé de Tirajana ordered his detention in prison without bail.
Request for citizen collaboration
The Guardia Civil are continuing to analyse the images in order to locate and identify other women captured by the video recordings. For this reason, they have requested citizen collaboration, and in particular, national and/or foreign women who may have been victims of unreported sexual abuse in the municipality of Mogán, whilst recieving a professional massage, and/or suspect that they may have been recorded without their consent between 2010 and 2020.
If you have any type of information in this regard, you can directly contact the Judicial Police Team in Puerto Rico by calling the telephone number 928 15 27 20 or by email at



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