The Guardia Civil in Puerto Rico de Gran Canaria report that they identified a simulated crime, allegedly perpetrated by a 25-year-old on October 1, who stated that they had been attacked and held against their will by a group of six people, who forced them to withdraw €1,900 from a nearby ATM, in the popular tourist town on the southwest of Gran Canaria.


The person identified had reported to the Guardia Civil that day, filing a complaint (denuncia). Agents began an investigation to clarify the facts, proceeding to a detailed review of the security cameras located where the alleged threats were perpetrated; they looked at surveillance cameras where the crimes were said to have been committed; carrying out further investigations; and police technical inspections, in order to be able to collect all police investigations to identify the perpetrators of criminal acts.

The video surveillance recording systems appeared to capture how the drunken complainant had held conversations with various other passers-by and merchants, before voluntarily withdrawing money from the ATM, accompanied by another person, who at no time seemed to threaten the supposed victim, the amount of €1,900 was withdrawn by the complainant voluntarily.

In recent months there has been a notable increase in similar complaints, from alleged victims claiming to have been attacked and detained by groups of people, forcing them to withdraw money at the nearest ATMs hand over belongings they had inside the rooms of the place where they were staying.

For this reason, the recordings of the video surveillance systems in the places where the events had been reported, served to completely distort the complaint filed by the injured parties.

The suspected simulation of a crime is brought to the attention of the competent investigating court of these facts.