The Canary Islands have been enjoying some very pleasant October weather with clear skies with just a few intervals of cloud, daytime highs of around 27ºC and night time lows of around 20ºC. The westernmost islands are a little cooler, with lows of around 17-18ºC in La Palma and El Hierro.

However, the thermometers look set to rise as we approach the weekend. On Saturday and Sunday and next week, as we head into November, the temperatures across the Canary Islands archipelago will approach 30ºC, in the shade despite already being the middle of autumn.



Forecasts for Saturday 29 and Sunday 30 October look forward to daytime highs of between 29º and 26º during the middle of the day on all the islands, with the exception of El Hierro, where 23 to 24ºC is more likely.

This weather, according to the State Meteorological Agency, is “very unusual for the season” and is expected to continue until the middle of next week, on Tuesday, November 1 or Wednesday, November 2, when thermometers will begin to fall once more and return to normal expected values for the autumn period.

Weather forecasts based on the European prediction model determine that the temperatures will not be quite so hot: the website predicts that the province of Las Palmas will exceed 25ºC, but Santa Cruz de Tenerife will be some degrees below that temperature.

The warmest October in history in Spain? The heat will tend to intensify more on the Iberian Peninsula, where maximums above 30ºC are expected. Spanish State Meteorological Agency AEMET is confident that this October could be “the warmest in Spain in the historical series” and that “the clearly warmer than normal conditions will probably continue in the first fortnight of November”. These high temperatures look set to be accompanied by Calima from North Africa, which will affect both the Canary Islands and the south of the Peninsula. According to, more typical “of the first fortnight of June.” 

From Thursday cloudy or clear skies, with morning intervals of low clouds on the north and east coasts, and intervals of high cloud by the end of the day. Probable Calima haze, expected to be quite light. Temperatures will remain unchanged or rise slightly.  30ºC in the shade, inland on the southern slopes is likely. Light wind prevailing from the northeast. At summits, however, southwest winds can be expected.


By Friday intervals of high cloud to start the day. Calima haze, generally light. Temperatures slightly rising, reaching or exceeding 30 ºC inland on the southern slopes. Light winds from the north to northeast, with moderate intervals on the southeast and northwest slopes during the early and late hours of the day. At the summits, light to moderate winds from the south.

On Saturday some high cloud during the first half of the day. Calima, moving from east to west, somewhat lighter in the westernmost islands. Temperatures will see few changes except for slight local increases, especially on Lanzarote and Fuerteventura. Generally light winds, predominantly northerly and easterly. At the summits, winds from the south to southwest, increasing in the afternoon.

Across the Canary Islands, this Sunday, the trade winds are likely to be restored, with some intervals of low cloud on the north of the islands and a predominance of slightly cloudy skies elsewhere. Temperatures are likely to start to drop.

As we head into next week uncertainty increases, it is likely that the Canary Islands archipelago, with trade winds re-established and continuing over the following few days,  low clouds to the north of the islands fo greater relief, may also bring a low probability of precipitation. Slightly cloudy skies will prevail on the rest of the islands. Temperatures look set to remain fairly stable and without major changes during the period.

Ultraviolet index should remain firmly at around 6, mid scale, which is pretty normal for this time of year meaning we see many less sun burn victims walking around on holiday, nonetheless sunscreen is strongly advised.