The conservative Partido Popular-Agrupación de Vecinos (PP-AV) and the regionalist right Coalición Canaria (CC) have signed a government pact that will shape the future of San Bartolomé de Tirajana. This alliance, referred to as the Pact for Stability and Socioeconomic Progress of San Bartolomé Tirajana, represents 60% of the votes in the municipality’s recent elections, as emphasised by the future mayor, Marco Aurelio Pérez (PP-AV).


According to the agreement, Alejandro Marichal, the head of the CC list, will assume the position of the first deputy mayor. He noted that his party eventually relinquished its initial claim to the mayoral position in exchange for taking responsibility for the majority of key areas in municipal management.

Under the pact, PP-AV will oversee Public Works, Human Resources, Police, Culture, Education, Sports, Health, Parks and Gardens, Local Development, and Agriculture, Livestock, and Fisheries. On the other hand, CC will be responsible for Urban Planning, Housing, Economy and Finance, Festivals, Tourism and Cleaning, as well as Social Services, among others.

Pérez and Marichal, the two political leaders, outlined essential programmatic lines of the pact. These include the public construction of housing, the provision of land for the construction of a specialized center and a residence for the elderly, the promotion of the Tourism Consortium, the processing of the expansion of the San Roque Meloneras Hospital, the outsourcing of municipal services, the creation of a social property tax (IBI), and the implementation of a public transportation service.

They also emphasized the importance of both parties in the pact being the same ones that will govern the Canary Islands during this term, as this correspondence will facilitate obtaining resources for the planned projects in the municipality. Marichal, in response to journalists’ questions, made it clear that the development of the Siam Park water park is a “clear and resolute objective” of this alliance for the current term.

Marco Aurelio Pérez as Mayor for Four More Years

The Partido Popular-Agrupación de Vecinos (PP-AV) and Coalición Canaria (CC) pact to govern San Bartolomé de Tirajana for the next four years, confirms the re-election of Marco Aurelio Pérez as mayor. The pact focuses on key areas such as the provision of land for the construction of a specialized center, the expansion of the Meloneras hospital, the outsourcing of select public services, the implementation of a social property tax (IBI), and supporting the development of the Siam Park water park.

The signing ceremony took place on June 8th at the San Fernando Senior Center, where both parties formalized their programmatic agreement to lead the municipality for the next four years. The alliance, known as the Pact for Stability and Socioeconomic Projection of San Bartolomé de Tirajana, emerged after no party achieved an absolute majority in the recent elections. In his remarks, the newly elected mayor, Marco Aurelio Pérez, highlighted the significance of the regional alliance between CC and PP-AV, stating that it would yield fruitful outcomes for the development of San Bartolomé de Tirajana and its tourist area.

Pérez emphasized the broad representation of the pact, with both parties collectively capturing 58.8% of the valid votes in the past elections. This majority, he noted, would ensure stability and security. The initial programmatic agreement will be further developed in the coming months based on the municipality’s financial situation and short-term possibilities to implement their governance.