Gran Canaria’s island government, the Cabildo de Gran Canaria, are working with the Coastal Authority to reinforce fences that delimit and prevent access to certain areas of the Maspalomas Dunes.


The president of the insular institution, Antonio Morales, who made a visit to the Special Nature Reserve, did not give details about which places they would be focused on, but he did clarify that they would include access to the dunes from the Riu Palace viewpoint, preferred by curious visitors who enter the sands of the dune system and come to enjoy sunsets on the weekends.

Morales accompanied a large delegation this morning that toured the natural reserve to check some of the results of the so-called Masdunas Project.

They visited a point close to Annex II in Playa del Inglés where, following the passage of Tropical Storm Hermine, between 150 and 160 new “balancones” have grown naturally, a vital species of plant for the retention of sand and the formation of new dunes.

Of the 60,000 cubic meters of new sand that were added to the reserve over recent years, the dunes have managed to absorb and retain at least 80%, which suggests a very positive development of the protection activities as part of the project.