This Monday afternoon a tragic incident unfolded at Tauro Beach, situated on the south-western coast of Gran Canaria in the municipality of Mogán. An individual lost his life while swimming near the beach, over which the local town hall of Mogán has full responsibility. The incident was reported by local passers-by and confirmed by the main 1-1-2 Canary Islands’ Emergency and Security Coordination Centre (CECOES).


Around 5:52 PM, a distress call alerted CECOES to the situation, reporting that a person had been pulled from the water and was in a state of cardiopulmonary arrest. Immediate action was taken, and the necessary emergency resources were activated.

Images: Ger Coen

The Canary Islands Emergency Service (SUC) arrived promptly to assess the situation. Unfortunately, their assessment revealed that the individual was still in a state of cardiopulmonary arrest. Despite the SUC’s efforts to employ advanced resuscitation techniques, they were unable to revive the individual, confirming his death at the scene.

Various emergency services collaborated in response to the incident. The Mogán municipality’s Beach Rescue Service provided support, while Policia Local, Firefighters, and Civil Protection teams secured the area. The SUC medicalised helicopter was also involved in the response efforts.

Following the incident, the Guardia Civil took charge of the situation. They ensured the body was secured and maintained custody until judicial authorities arrived. The Guardia Civil also conducted the necessary legal procedures and investigations.

This incident highlights the potential risks associated with seemingly ordinary activities. Despite the coordinated efforts of emergency services, it underscores the unpredictable nature of such events.  A yellow warning for rough seas and related coastal phenomena has been in place all day, however there appears to have been no visible signs on the beach to warn bathers of any potential danger.  Mogán town hall insisted on taking control of the beach two years ago after the previous concessionaire was dismissed, however they have never provided life guards or other beach services, deciding to leave swimmers to their own devices and to use the imported sands at their own risk. 

In an unfortunate coincidence, just 3 hours earlier a little along the beach at Playa del Cura, within sight of this incident, an apparent training simulation was being carried out involving many of the same rescue resources as were called to the scene of the drowning man.