A La Gomera landslide caused by the massive collapse of part of a cliff this Saturday afternoon, was captured on video on the west coast of the island of La Gomera, in Valle Gran Rey.

Several people in the vicinity witnessed the rockfall. Images show a large vertical cliff face suddenly collapsing into the sea, raining debris onto a coastal path, used to access Argaga beach, known as Las Arenas beach, where caravans and other vehicles often park, causing several cars to completely disappear from view or to be at least partially covered by dust and falling stone.

La Gomera landslide

Seconds before rock fall

Two GES helicopters from the 1-1-2 Emergency and Security Coordination Centre (CECOES), Civil Guard, Local Police, Civil Protection and volunteer firefighters have been working for the last couple of hours to try to find people who may have been trapped under the rocks. A Canary Islands Emergency Service (SUC) team and council workers from the Valle Gran Rey and Vallehermoso municipalities have traveled to the site to urgently search for anyone who was near the vehicles or using the beach access.  There are very serious concerns that the La Gomera landslide may have caused catastrophic injury and loss of life appears quite likely.

The Cabildo de Tenerife, is collaborating with the Security and Emergency Directorate to mobilise the Red Cross Mountain Detachment Rescue team from the Teide National Park, in a deployment underway to attend to those possibly affected by the landslide.

The road between Vueltas and Argaga has been closed as parts of it are currently under a large amount of fallen rock and other debris.