Ryanair has cancelled at least ten flights this Monday, coinciding with the start of the new strike call for cabin crew (TCP), as well as having experienced a number of delays. At the moment, no Canary Islands air traffic has been affected, as with previous strikes, the majority of problems caused appear to have been on flights to and from mainland Spain and elsewhere in Europe.

This morning cancellations have been reported between Barcelona and Milan, Menorca, Rome and London, round trip, as well as between Palma de Mallorca and Hamburg, also a round trip.

Regarding delays, the most affected airport is so far Palma de Mallorca, with a total of 14 flights disrupted, followed by Malaga (13) and Barcelona (7). the USO and Sitcpla unions that represent a large number of Spanish Ryanair cabin crew, after consulting the workers, have called a new series of strike actions at the airline from August 8 to January 7, 2023, both inclusive.

The new strike consists of 24-hour work stoppages, Monday through Thursday, every week. The unions have pointed out that Ryanair “has not shown the slightest attempt to approach” an agreement with them, but has publicly stated its refusal to engage in any dialogue with the representatives of these unions chosen by Ryanair crew, to represent their interests under Spanish labour law.

In addition, the unions have warned of a series of dismissals of workers following the two previous strike calls.  Were these dismissals to be linked to the strike action, Ryanair will find themselves very quickly in court again having to defend their position and perhaps reinstate or compensate the workers affected.