Mogán’s Mayoress, La Alcaldesa O. Bueno, opposes a plan proposed by the Consejería de Sanidad del Gobierno de Canarias (health ministry) to convert a tourist complex in Amadores into a social care facility, aimed at providing temporary accommodation for patients who are medically fit for discharge from hospitals but await redirection to socio-sanitary complexes. The mayor expressed her discontent, at this Friday’s town council plenary, with the lack of prior consultation and raised concerns about the use of her municipality’s resources for the project.


The initiative, which is now temporarily on hold due to a complaint from the town hall, seeks to address the housing needs of patients who remain in hospital beds despite being medically cleared for discharge. These patients face a long wait for placement in government run sociosanitary complexes. Mogán’s opposition parties, PSOE and NC, however, support the plan, considering it a solution that could diversify the tourism offerings in the region. However, Mayor Bueno objected to the lack of communication nor her involvement in the decision-making process.

During a council session, Bueno expressed her dissatisfaction with the way the Consejería de Sanidad handled the agreement without prior notice. She believes it was unjust for her to find out about the signed agreement through a third party, four months after its inception. She criticised the PSOE and NC for not informing her about the proposal beforehand, and indeed for starting a debate on the matter during the Q&A session where councillors get to quiz the details of municipal decisions by Bueno’s administration.

Bueno stressed her disapproval of other administrations dictating the use of Mogán for their purposes without consulting the local town hall, while she also acknowledged the need for a solution to the housing problem for patients she objects to the regional government’s use of her municipality’s resources for its own projects, especially considering that Mogán is primarily a tourist-oriented area.

The mayor then announced her intention to propose alternative solutions during an upcoming meeting with the President of Canarias, her ally, Fernando Clavijo. She emphasised that tourism use of Mogán should not be compromised for any purpose without the municipality’s consent. She further stated her refusal to allow the government to treat Mogán as a fallback resource for their projects.

Mayor Bueno stated that the tourist complex in question is, in her opinion, currently operating in an illegal manner, though she conceded that while the municipal Plan de Modernización (PMM) allows for up to 50% of the accommodation beds in a complex to be used for socio-sanitary purposes, the promoter has not yet applied for such compatibility, making the current operation of the complex unlawful.  At least 22 people have already been referred to the facility, which looks out to sea above the popular tourist beach of Amadores.

Bueno opposes the plan proposed by the Consejería de Sanidad to convert the Palmera Mar tourist complex, in Amadores, into a social care centre. Her objections, according to her own statements, stem from a lack of prior consultation, a perceived disregard for municipal autonomy, and what she sees as the potential misuse of Mogán’s resources for external projects. She intends to present alternative solutions during an upcoming meeting with the Regional President and is determined to protect the tourism-focused identity of the municipality. Additionally, the mayor dubbed the complex’s operations to be illegal due to a lack of proper authorisation, from her administration, for socio-sanitary use. The situation remains under debate and will require further dialogue and consideration to reach a mutually agreeable resolution.