Starting from September, when new animal regulations come into force, dog owners in Spain will need to go through a new process to comply with the changes to the law. Everyone of them will be required to obtain liability insurance for their pets, in accordance with the recently enacted Law 7/2023 for the protection of animal rights and welfare.

This new regulations, published last March, consolidate rules across Spain that were previously governed under the jurisdiction of autonomous communities. One of the key aspects of this new legislation is the inclusion of an obligation to insure all dogs, not just potentially dangerous breeds.

Until now, insurance was only required for the latter category. Article 30.3 of the law establishes the need to contract and maintain liability insurance for third-party damages throughout the animal’s life.

This measure has prompted a swift adjustment by insurance companies, which have had to adapt to the new governmental requirements. Until recently, it was only mandatory to have such insurance in some areas, like Madrid.

Different Types of Insurance

The cost of this insurance will vary depending on various factors, such as the insurance company, the size, breed, and age of the dog. There will be basic options starting from €24 per year, with coverage of up to €200,000. There are also various alternatives, for instance costing €50 annually, and covering up to €150,000.

Failure to acquire the mandatory insurance can lead to penalties. According to statistics, nearly 30% of households throughout Spain have at least one dog as part of their family. However, only 3% of them are covered by insurance.

The good news is that many types of home insurance may well already cover 3rd party liability for dogs, it’s worth having a chat with your insurance provider.


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