This week the south west Gran Canaria town hall of Mogán have announce a change to the direction of traffic on three streets in the upper area of ​​Puerto Rico de Gran Canaria, overlooking Amadores, Calles Montaña Clara, Timanfaya and Tenerife. The objective, they say, is to achieve better traffic flow and expand the number of parking spaces available.


Town Councillor for Traffic and Transport, Víctor Gutiérrez, visited the area with the Heritage Councillor, Consuelo Díaz, and explained that what is intended is to create “a one-way traffic ring” to improve vehicle transit and accesses to the multiple residential and tourist complexes that are located along these streets.

Calle Montaña Clara and Timanfaya, will now become one way only, heading up the hill, while Calle Tenerife will from today be one-way only, going down. The councillor said this measure fulfills “demands by residents and hoteliers, particularly due traffic density at Easter and during summer months.” At these times of year, the need for parking spaces becomes more pronounced, which is to be resolved by taking advantage available extra space now left following the change in priorities. New traffic signage, as well as the painting of road signalling and parking signs is expected to be completed this week.