British travellers are being advised to continue using the Spain Travel Health forms until definitively told they will not need them.  There are still complications between the British system and the EU, so for the sake of 15 minutes of form filling the safest course of action is to fill in the form prior to travel, though the requirement is expected to be fully relaxed.



Spain have announced further relaxation of the rules for passengers entering Spain, though clarifications are being sought as to the exact practical changes expected for those coming from third countries, outside the EU, such as UK travellers, in general requirements continue to be gradually reduced, with current travel advice being that regardless of the country of origin, one of these documents must be shown on entry:

  • An EU DIGITAL COVID CERTIFICATE OR EU EQUIVALENT proving COVID-19 vaccination or a certificate showing negative results for active infection, via a diagnostic test or certificate of recovery, having had the disease.
  • The SpTH QR code for anyone who does not have an EU Digital COVID Certificate or equivalent, who must complete the SpTH Health Control Form, manually entering any details of vaccination, recovery or diagnostic test certificate.

EXCEPTION: There is currently no list of risk countries/territories or areas. In the event that the epidemiological situation in any country/territory or zone worsens, in a manner that is concerning, they may be declared HIGH RISK. In this case, exceptional health control measures may be applied for passengers coming from these countries and, in order to pass the health controls upon arrival in Spain, it will be mandatory that they show their SpTH QR code together with a vaccination or recovery certificate and, in addition, a SARS-CoV-2 active infection diagnostic test certificate proving a negative result.

You can consult the list of high-risk countries/areas in this link RISK/HIGH RISK COUNTRIES/AREAS.

For more information on the entry requirements for Spain, from third countries, please visit this link.