A 50-year-old woman was arrested for attacking police today, with a prior police record in southern municipality of San Bartolomé de Tirajana, after she allegedly rushed at officers at an establishment in the main tourist area of Maspalomas. The woman along and a friend, were said to be causing a scene and refusing to wear masks at a commercial establishment. The detainee is said to have run at the officers, attacking and biting them. The police also recommended that a second woman, having also refused to wear a mask, be issued with a fine.

The events occurred after the business owner called 091 to report that two women insulting him and his customers and causing annoyance at his establishment, saying that they also refused to wear masks.

Police officers attended and interviewed one of the women, who confirmed that she refused to wear a mask, and so an administrative fine notice was given to her and she left the place.

When police then went to talk with the second woman, she is reported to have suddenly and without a word rushed at the officers, allegedly punching and insulting them, and began to bite their trousers.

Officers proceeded to charge her for the alleged crime of violence towards agents of the authorities, and she was arrested for attacking police .