146 Covid19 patients are currently being monitored in Canary Islands hospitals, both public and private. The Intensive Care Units (ICU) are currently at 33% of total capacity, 24 of these patients are there due to complications derived from having been infected with coronavirus, out of a total of 477 units available across the islands.

Of this total number of ICU beds, 402 are critical units with a respirator – 37% of them already occupied with 149 admissions, 24 of them people with coronavirus – and there are 75 critical units without a respirator – 20% of those are also occupied with 15 patients, none of whom are covid positive-.

According to data from the Ministry of Health up until 5:00 p.m. on Monday August 24, 3,612 people were on hospital wards occupying non-ICU hospital beds, across the different centres in the archipelago, 118 of those with coronavirus, all together representing 68.4% of the total 5,281 beds available.  Coronavirus patients admitted to non-ICU wards has this Wednesday risen to 122 active cases out of a total 146 Covid19 patients.

Regarding covid patients, up until yesterday, the Doctor Negrín University Hospital Complex of Gran Canaria were monitoring 55 patients admitted – 12 of them in the ICU with respirators and 43 on the ward -; and the Hospital Universitario Insular-Materno Infantil had 32 – 4 of those in the ICU with a respirator and 28 on the ward.