The Provincial Court of Las Palmas has sentenced four men to between 36 and 42 years for the gang rape of a woman in a Puerto Rico park, in the municipality of Mogán on the southwest of Gran Canaria , on the night of February 26 2021.


The leader of the group was sentenced to 12 years for each of the two crimes of rape charged against him, and six years for each of the three penetrative sexual assaults as an accomplice . Meanwhile, the other three were handed down the same sentence for rape and six years for each of the four for sexual assaults with penetration by each accomplice . They will also have to compensate the victim with €15,000.

Despite the forcefulness of the penalties, imposed by the court of the Second Section of the Hearing, a maximum limit of 20 years in prison will be applied to all of them.

They have also been prohibited from any communication with the victim, and a restraining order within 500 meters for the next 18 years, along with other probation measures once they have served their prison sentence.

According to the sentence presented by Judge Mónica Herreras Rodríguez, the leader of the group, AL, approached the young woman while she was walking through a park near her home in Puerto Rico, “he grabbed her by one of her wrists and forced her to go against her will to the place” where the other three defendants were waiting. In the judge’s view all of them had previously agreed to “attack the sexual freedom” of the victim. “One by one, they took turns penetrating her, vaginally and anally, the defendant AL doing so on up to two occasions,” she detailed.

The resolution states in the most profound sense that the four men remained together at all times and that this increased “the anguish suffered by the victim , who could not but remain motionless at all times.” It must be remembered that during the interrogation of the girl at the trial, held at the end of June, their defences insisted on asking why she did not shout for help, to which she replied that she was silent because it seemed “safer” to her at that moment.

These facts, summed up in the sentence, caused four finger-shaped bruises on the inner face of her right thigh and another three on the inner face of her left thigh, as well as another three on her right wrist and one more on the left. She also had a bruise on the front of her left knee.