Guardia Civil in Puerto Rico, Mogán, have released details of their investigation into a person, identified with the initials A.K.S., for the alleged crime of fraud, deceiving a tourist of foreign nationality in the locality of Puerto Rico de Gran Canaria by charging his credit card, without his knowledge, with two charges totalling €2475.08.

The investigations began after a complaint was made regarding the scam, and reported to police at the end of last year, after a law firm presented the written complaint on behalf of the victim, a citizen of foreign nationality, the Guardia Civil were informed that during his holidays in Puerto Rico, he had bought a tablet and an internet card at a clear price in the middle of the year from a certain electronics business, specifically €50 for the tablet and €12 for the internet card, for which the sellers had said it was necessary to pay by card; once he returned to his country he checked his statement to find that they allegedly had charged him – without his knowledge or consent – much more than the price agreed.

Following the corresponding police inquiries and with all the information obtained, the Guardia Civil proceeded on 07 May to charge the owner of the bazaar type electronis outlet, pending further investigations into the owners of the TPV (card machine) used, because it also did not appear to match up with the business where the victim was swindled, but instead belonged to an auto-parts company based in Las Palmas.