The Government of Spain has declared by, Royal Decree, a State of Emergency throughout the country to deal with the health emergency caused by coronavirus COVID-19.  All measures will be in force from Midnight Tonight.

Obey the authorities. Close your doors.  Do not go out without good reason.  #StayAtHome #NowWashYourHands

The Town Hall of the Municipality of Mogán, on the South West of Gran Canaria have announced the following instructions for all citizens, residents and visitors to follow:

➡️ Citizens will only be able to drive along public roads to carry out the following activities:

a) Getting food, pharmaceuticals and basic necessities.

b) Helping someone to a health centre.

c) Travel to their workplace to carry out their job, profession or business [if there is no way to do so from home]

d) Returning to their place of habitual residence [including home, hotel or other accommodation.]

e) Assistance and care for the elderly, for minors, dependants, and for people with disabilities or especially vulnerable people.

f) Necessary visits to financial and insurance entities [going to the bank]

g) Having to travel due to force majeure or need beyond your control.

h) Any other activity of an analogous nature duly justified.

➡️ Private vehicles will be allowed to circulate on public roads to carry out the activities referred to in the previous section or to refuel at gas stations or service stations.

➡️ On any trip, the recommendations and obligations issued by the health authorities must be respected.

➡️ The head of the Ministry of the Interior may agree to close the highways or sections of them for reasons of public health, traffic safety or fluidity or the restrict them from access of certain vehicles for the same reasons.

➡️ All schools and educational centres have suspended all educational activity regardless of the level, degree, course of education, included in article 3 of Organic Law 2/2006, of May 3, on Education. During the suspension period, educational activities will be maintained through distance and online modalities, whenever possible.

➡️ Suspension of the opening to the public of commercial premises and establishments, as well as any other activity or establishment that in the judgement of the competent authority may pose a risk of contagion.

➡️ The permanence in commercial establishments whose opening is allowed must be strictly necessary so that consumers can purchase food and basic necessities, consuming products at the establishments themselves has been completely suspended.

➡️ The opening to the public of premises and establishments where public shows take place, cultural and artistic facilities, and sports and leisure activities are all TOTALLY suspended.

➡️ Hospitality and restaurant activities are also suspended. Cafeterias and restaurants will be closed to the public, only able, by law, to exclusively provide home delivery services.

➡️ Verbenas, parades and popular parties are suspended.

➡️ Attendance at places of worship and to civil and religious ceremonies, including funerals, are conditioned on the adoption of organisational measures consisting of avoiding crowds of people, depending on the dimensions and characteristics of the places, in such a way that guarantee attendees the ability to respect a minimum distance between them of at least one meter.

➡️ Failure to comply, or any resistance to the orders of the competent authorities, during this State of Emergency will be punished in accordance with the Laws, under the terms established in article 10 of Organic Law 4/1981, of June 5.