A woman has been arrested, following a ten minute Gran Canaria car chase, after attempting a dangerous, life threatening escape through the streets of the municipality of Agüimes, whilst pursued by a Guardia Civil Tráfico patrol, having been discovered  talking on her mobile phone while driving. She faces several charges for various crimes caught on camera during the ten minute car chase, including reckless driving.

Traffic police, based in Maspalomas, proceeded to arrest the 33-year-old driver, on charges of reckless driving, disobedience and resistance before an agent of authority,  driving without a permit and another for theft of the motor vehicle.



The Guardia Civil, responsible for road safety, said in a statement this Monday, that a judicial request was in force, from Criminal Court number 4 in Las Palmas.

The events took place starting on the GC-1 main southern motorway, starting at kilometre 18 southbound, in the municipality of Agüimes, not far from the Cruce de Arinaga exit, when Guardia Civil agents on patrol noticed that the driver of the vehicle was using their mobile phone while she was driving, so they tried stop her to notify her of the violation.

However, the woman decided instead to attempt a dangerous escape, trying to avoid the agents, driving recklessly along several roads through the south-eastern municipal area and ending up in the neighbourhood of La Goleta, in Agüimes, all while pursued by Guardia Civil who caught the whole incident on video, resulting in a spectacular but dangerous Gran Canaria car chase.

The dangerous driver sped away from the patrol car, who calmly pursued, driving with extreme recklessness, endangering other road users, on several occasions, ignoring traffic signals and failing to slow even in urban areas, creating risk for pedestrians on quiet residential streets.  The car chase comes to an end when, in the streets of La Goleta, the driver attempts to escape by jumping from the moving vehicle and making a run for it.  she and her passangers are quickly apprehended

The driver did not test positive for alcohol or drugs, and has been detained awaiting trial.