I couple driving an Opel Corsa along the GC2 highway, on the north coast of Gran Canaria, had a nasty shock this afternoon after stopping outside the popular Pepe Chiringo fresh fast food outlet opposite the BP service station at San Andres roundabout in the municipality of Moya.


A sudden flash of flame from below the car sends the couple inside into panic as they leap out, the driver grabbed a cushion from off of his seat and tries to tackle the fire, but quickly decides to move away towards the nearby petrol pumps a few metres behind him.

His passenger runs to the window of Pepe Chiringo and points urgently, which catches the attention of the guy serving inside.

Everybody nearby is starting to panic as disaster looms.

Then from behind the burger bar runs a lone figure in black, apparently wearing gloves and a wooly hat.  He knows where he’s going, but doesn’t take the quickest route, choosing instead to run the long way around the vehicle to assess the danger on his way across to the other side of the forecourt to go and grab a powder canister to try to fight the blaze.

A second man follows him to try to help, and a third, a BP employee also finds an extinguisher, but the Hero of Pepe Chiringo KM13 is already in action, with a blast of fire retardant powder.  The fire seems to fight back momentarily flaring up before being put out by the quick thinking burger flipper in black.

The service station video has gone viral this afternoon across social networks