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Opposition leader in Mogán calls for immediate resignation of Mayor

Opposition leader in Mogán calls for immediate resignation of Mayor

The political party, Nueva Canarias in Mogán, on the south west coast of Gran Canaria, has demanded the immediate resignation of Mayor Onalia Bueno, this Thursday, along with her entire government group, after the president and two of her councillors were this morning arrested as part of a police operation investigating alleged electoral fraud in the municipality, in both the 2015 and 2019 elections.

In a statement, Nueva Canarias states that this is now the second time that Onalia Bueno has been involved in legal problems related alleged plots to buy votes and recalled that in 2007, as part of what was known as Operation Gondola, she “was charged with the commission of an alleged electoral crime.”

NC say that in May 2019 they held a meeting with the previous Spanish Government Delegate, Juan Salvador León, requesting in writing that  appropriate measures be adopted to guarantee the cleanliness of the democratic process in Mogán, “given the antecedents already denounced”, and above all, due to the voice recording published by Canarias Ahora back in May 2019 , in which Onalia Bueno herself “seemed to explain how voting by mail could be manipulated.” The NC party describes this recording as “scandalous” and say that they pointed to the mayor as the possible leader of a corrupt plot to guarantee electoral victory.

Nueva Canarias “celebrates the judicial action because it represents an endorsement of all the work that its spokesperson in the southern municipality, Isabel Santiago, has been developing over recent years, along with the rest of her colleagues”

Isabel Santiago has already announced that her lawyer has presented a document of appearance in the case instructed by the San Bartolomé de Tirajana courts “to help the entire process go ahead and clarify all the alleged irregularities that are being investigated.”

Santiago has demanded the resignation of Mayor Onalia Bueno and her governing group in the council, “because in the face of these very serious events, she cannot continue for another minute representing the residents of Mogán.” She made a double call, to opposition parties to “build a clean alternative” that defends the interests of all the residents of Mogán, and to the councillors of CIUCA, the mayor’s party, to “break with her and put an end to a management marked by ‘you-are-either-with-me-or-you-are-against-me’ environment of pressure, fear and blackmail “.

“Onalia Bueno must resign, her mere presence lowers and denigrates the municipal institution and damages the good name of the municipality”, concluded the NC statement.

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