Spain’s Minister of Industry, Commerce and Tourism, Reyes Maroto, has said this Thursday that the requirement for travellers coming from outside the EU to present a COVID19 certificate, for vaccination status, test result or prior infection, will come to an end “in a matter of days” allowing them to enter the country with a simple negative test result.


“It will be a matter of days before we are going to eliminate a restriction that could be discouraging tourists from outside the European Union from visiting us, and that is that we are going to stop requiring the vaccination certificate to allow them to enter with a negative test,” she said in an interview on radio station Onda Cero this morning, according to EuropaPress.

Maroto highlighted that this is “good news” and emphasised that it will happen within “a matter of days”, once the Central Government, in Madrid, has finished outlining the order to eliminate the vaccination and covid19 certificate requirements for non-EU visitors.

“It will be very welcome, they be able to enter simply by presenting a negative test,” said the Minister, who said that this is the “good news” that the tourism sector have been waiting for and that this year will rank Spain, once more, as a favourite destination for international tourists.

“With caution, the world sees us as a safe destination, more than 92% of the Spanish population is vaccinated. Tourism is recovering at rates that were difficult to imagine in January, but today it is a reality, tourism is the lever for growth of the economy this year”, she underlined.