The Canary Islands Government Ministry of Health have, this Sunday, confirmed 189 new cases of coronavirus over the last 24 hours. Throughout the epidemic the Canary Islands have detected an accumulated total for 37,024 cases of which, today, 7,345 remain active. 76 patients are currently in the ICU and 321 remain hospitalised.


The 7-day Accumulated Incidence (AI) throughout the Canary Islands stands now at 65.62 cases per 100,000 population, a significant improvement, and the 14-day AI ​ is now down to 158.96 cases per 100,000, still high risk, but all the data now appears to be travelling in the right direction, once more.

189 new cases are spread across the islands as follows:

Tenerife have detected 34 new cases, to total 2,521 still epidemiologically active, with a 14-day AI falling at 65.9/100k;

Gran Canaria reports 109 new cases, to currently total 3,804 active, with a 14-day AI falling at 212.6/100k.

Lanzarote has added 39 new cases, to total 839 active, with a 14-day AI falling to 553.5/100k;

Fuerteventura has found two more cases with 119 now active, with a 14-day AI falling at 83.8/100k.

La Palma has added three more cases and 21 still active, with a 14-day AI rising at 27.8/100k;

El Hierro adds two new cases, to total 41 currently active, with a 14-day AI steady at 401.2/100k

and La Gomera completely free of COVID-19, with a 14-day AI steady at 0/100k

To date, a total of 812,006 PCR tests have been carried across the Islands, of which 2,995 were done yesterday.

The Canary Islands vaccination programme is progressing at pace. However the pace is much slower than most would like.  Spain is at a crossroads.  There is a long road still to travel. In the meantime we have to work together to get through all of this and try to build ourselves a new future, based on a new reality.  Everything has changed. At the end of the day, that is an opportunity.  What are we going to do with it?

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