A new call for aid to implement 180 MW of wind power is set to expand provision much closer to the goal set by the Government of the Canary Islands to reach 45% penetration in renewables by 2025, which is included in the draft of the Energy Strategy of the Canary Islands .

The Minister of Economy, Industry, Trade and Knowledge of the Canary Islands Government, Pedro Ortega, during a presentation, together with the Secretary of State for Energy, talked about the new call for aid to implement wind power in the Canary Islands , aimed at entrepreneurs, promoters and agents in the sector with the aim of making known and clearing any doubt regarding the various stages and technical conditions needed for this process.

Ortega explained that the new 180MW provision equals the annual consumption of 158,823 Canarian households, which “is an important advance for the sustainable energy model on which we have been working since the beginning of this legislature and which is one of the priority objectives of the Government of the Canary Islands”.

Since 2015, installed wind power in the Canary Islands has increased by 154% to total a total of 417.6 megawatts, with the installation of 32 new wind farms. At present, the installed wind power on the islands is equivalent to the annual consumption of 368,470 homes; that is to say: 46% of the total that there are in the Archipelago.

The Canary Islands have gone from being at the tail end of the Spanish regions in the implementation of renewables, as a result of a blockade of ten years, to be one of the Spanish regions in which the most wind farms have been built in recent years .

This new call is the result of dialogue, cooperation and continuous work developed over the last few years from the Government of the Canary Islands, together with the Government of Spain and with the agents and companies of the sector.