injured turtle

Stray turtles and wounded shear waters now have a new veterinarian operating room in which to be restored to health at the centro de recuperación de fauna y silvestre de Tafira. The turtle in the photo presents with a shell fractured by a blow from a boat, and will receive daily treatment until back in healthy condition to be returned to the sea.

The Cabildo’s Wildlife Recovery Centre, located in Tafira receives around 2,000 animals every year, including many turtles sent from the United Kingdom, because this is a sub-tropical reference centre in Europe.

In addition, Gran Canaria is the only island with the capacity to recover wounded cetaceans, cure them and return them to the ocean.

The Cabildo de Gran Canaria have stated that they wish to thank the public for their involvement in the support network helping to ensure the recovery of wounded animals, most importantly in the case of shear waters.