One of the biggest annual series of events, Maspalomas Carnival, is celebrated this year between 14-24 March.  The upcoming festivities will be themed around the “Moon”, and adopts the name “Maspamoon“. With this name the southern tourist destination will pay tribute to the 50th anniversary of the man stepping on the moon for the first time.




Program : All events are held in the Shopping Center Yumbo and on the main stage unless otherwise stated. All the events are also free. 

at 20:00 Traditional Carnival at the Cultural Centre of Maspalomas

19:00 Inauguration of the Carnival poster exhibition , at the Cultural Centre Pancho Guerra

At 21:00 The Inauguration, the opening Gala of the Maspalomas Carnival

FRIDAY, 15.3.
At 19:00 Free dance workshops and at 21:00 Atodo Ritmo “in full swing” show and at 23:00 Mogollón party

At 17:00 A Children’s Carnival and at 19:00 Election of the Child Queen and in the evening at 23:00 Mogollön, an after party with music

SUNDAY, 17.3.
At 21:00 Carnival Queen Gala

MONDAY, 18.3.
At 19:00 Gala without barriers

TUESDAY, 19.3.
At 21:00 Preselection of Carnival Drag Queen

At 21:00 Election of Grand Dame of Carnival-Gala

21:00 Drag Queen Gala,
The jury will assess the creativity, originality, elaboration of the costumes and interpretation and staging (choreography, playback and humour), among other aspects.
and at 23:00 Mogollön, after party



FRIDAY, 22.3. 22
“DAY OF THE TOURIST” (Maspalomas Beach – Playa del Inglés)
12:00 rescue of the sardine at the beach.

In the evening at the shopping centre Yumbo
at 21:00  Tourist Gala and followed by a Mogollón party


at 17:00 The Great parade
The departure of the parade of 100 floats and thousands and thousands of attendees,  is from the front of the Hotel Parque Tropical, it will continue along the Avenida de Italia, Avenida de Gran Canaria and it will end at the Avenida del Turoperador Tui.
at 22:00 Mogollón party


SUNDAY, 24.3.
At 14:00 Carnival on the Beach at CC Annexo II ( Playa del Inglés)
At 19:00 Parade of the Sardine with the departure from the parking area of Avda. De España,
crosses through Avda. Alféreces Provisionales in to the direction of CC Annexo II.
20:00 Reading of the last testament
20:30 Burial of the Sardine and fireworks

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