The Canary Islands are to eliminate all restrictions activated by the Covid-19 pandemic this Thursday, except the use of masks indoors, which remains strictly a state measure, in the hands of the Spanish Ministry of Health and, for the moment, there is no date set to address the matter.



Regional President Ángel Víctor Torres announced on Tuesday, in the regional Parliament, that “following the technical criteria” all pandemic restrictions in the archipelago will be suspended. This announcement opens a new stage in the recovery, although it may still be revoked if the epidemiological circumstances worsen, he specified.  The pandemic is not yet over.

However festivals, events, and gatherings will be without limits and without any form of curfew in leisure, among various other measures.


1. General capacity : 100%, both in outdoor spaces and indoors.

2. Cultural activity : Maximum capacity, as per the venue’s license, regardless of whether or not it is considered a mass event, will be 100% both in open and enclosed spaces.

3. Public shows : Cultural, recreational, leisure and entertainment activities, including sports, that take place sporadically, and in places other than those establishments intended for the regular exercise of those activities, can now operate at maximum capacity of 100% both outdoors and indoors in enclosed spaces, regardless of whether the public is to remain standing or sitting, or the consumption of food at the event.

4. Federated and non-federated, professional and non-professional sports practice : Allowed outdoors or in enclosed spaces, maintaining the interpersonal distance of 2 meters whenever possible.

5. Groups of people : There will be no imposed limit.

6. Health centres: Health centres will not limit capacity or specific groups of people.

7. Closing times : All establishments recover the closing hours for which they were licensed before the outbreak of the pandemic, and dancing will once again be allowed.

8. Training, competitions and sporting events: the capacity of the public will be 100% both in open spaces and in closed spaces and the measures provided for in the Agreement of the Inter-territorial Council of the National Health System of February 16, 2022 on the measures for mass sporting events, including those of the Professional Football League and the ACB League.