Hello September! What a summer it has been, and as we roll towards the autumn there is a full weekend of activities ahead, with various events and fairs to go and see. Some of our favourite highlights include southern mangos and summer avocados in Playa de Mogán, various music festivals and concerts to bid farewell to summer and multiple Patron Saints’ festivities around the island. The best thing being, all of the cultural events and traditional fiestas listed here are free to attend and enjoy!
The month of September will also see two of the biggest and most popular patron saints’ festivities, marking the end of summer on Gran Canaria, with the Fiestas del Pino in Teror, the Patron Saint of Gran Canaria, and the patronal festivities in honour of San Nicolas de Tolentino in La Aldea with its most famous event La Charca.

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Upcoming events:

8-30 September •  Fiestas Patronales Vega de San Mateo
22–24 September • LPA Beer & Music Festival
29 September-28 October • Masdanza 2023 (7 October Masdanza Dunas)
30 September-1 October • Km.0 Fair Gran Canaria in Ingenio
30 September -1 October • Festival Costa Norte in Moya
6-8 October • Big Bang Vintage Festival in LPA

Upcoming bank holidays:

Monday 28 August – local bank holiday Artenara
Friday 8 September – Gran Canaria bank holiday, Our Lady of the Pine (Fiestas del Pino)
Monday 11 September – local bank holiday in La Aldea de San Nicolás
Thursday 14 September – local bank holiday in Artenara
Thursday 21 September – local bank holiday in Vega de San Mateo
Friday 29 September – local bank holiday in Valsequillo
Thursday 12 October – Public Holiday in Spain, Día de la Hispanidad
Tuesday 24 October – local bank holiday in Santa Lucía, Festividad de San Rafael
Wednesday 1 November – Public Holiday in Spain – Todos los Santos, All Saints’ Day
Friday 17 November – local bank holiday in Telde – Festividad de San Gregorio Taumaturgo



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Slowly the summer is turning towards autumn, even on Gran Canaria. Overall this should be a beautiful first weekend of September with the Sunday and Monday nighttime forecast to be overcast and there is even a possibility of some light rain, most likely to the north of the island.

Friday: Intervals of high clouds, with intervals of low clouds in the north in the early morning and late hours. Temperatures unchanged or slightly rising. Moderate northeast wind, with strong intervals on southeast and northwest slopes; breezes off southwest coasts. On summits, weak variable tending towards a northern component.

Saturday: Intervals of high cloud in general, with low cloud to the north during the early morning and late hours where some weak and isolated rain is not ruled out. Temperatures with few changes. Moderate northeasterly winds with strong intervals on the southeast and northwest slopes, shifting north in the afternoon. On summits, moderate northwest wind.

Sunday:  Intervals of high and low clouds in general. A predominance of cloudy skies on northern slopes with probable intervals of similar on some southeastern slopes during the afternoon, where weak rains will be likely in general, being less probable and more occasional in lower lying areas towards the coast. Minimum temperatures will see few changes, maximum temperatures in slight decline that may be more moderate in the midlands and peaks. Moderate winds from the north, with strong intervals on the summits, west and east slopes.




The Canary Guide

#WeekendTips 1-3 September 2023


‘Fiestas del Pino’, The Festivities in Honour of Nuestra Señora del Pino (Our Lady of the Pine), the Marian patron of the island of Gran Canaria starts this Friday in Teror and continues until 30 September 2023. 

“Probably the biggest and most important of the religious festivals on Gran Canaria, these events essentially mark the end of summertime and celebrate the harvests as well as heralding a change in the winds bringing a more autumnal feel, in particular, to the many northern mountain towns which represent much of the post-colonial, and agricultural history of the island and its traditions.”


The festive program started from August 25, with the reading of the proclamation by the actress Lili Quintana, and will culminate at the end of September with the raising of the image of the Virgen del Pino, on September 24, and a Rally, on September 30.

As the festival coincides with a long “bridge” weekend this year, Teror expects a greater influx of pilgrims to Teror, with a potential for some 200,000 people to gather in the historic Villa Mariana.

Friday 8 September is a bank holiday on Gran Canaria



Friday, 1 September:
at 12:00
Raising the flag and ringing the bells, with papagüevos and Banda Las Palmas at Plaza del Pino.
at 21:00 Concert for teens and younger adults with Sofía Ellar and DJ Ray Castellano at Plaza de Sintes.

Saturday, 2 September:
from 11:00 to 14:00
Children’s Party with activities, workshops, and music on Plaza de Sintes.
at 20:30  the announcing street parade of the Teresa de Bolívar meeting by Islanders Dixie. From Boulevard del Paseo González Díaz to Plaza de Sintes.
at 21:00 the 34th Encuentro Teresa de Bolívar, with Candelaria González (Canarias), and Christian Nieves (Cuatro, Puerto Rico), accompanied by Modesto Nieves (Puerto Rico), timplist Domingo Rodríguez “El Colorao” (Canarias), and guitarist Yamandú Costa (Brasil). Plaza de Sintes
at 23:00 Verbena, street party with La Mekánica by Tamarindos and DJ Desirée Santana de EventMusic DJ´s at Plaza de Sintes.

Sunday 3 September:
from 10:00 to 15:00
Livestock Fair in Finca de Osorio.
Traditional exhibitions of plowing, threshing, shearing, ornithological exhibition, donkey rides, musical performance and awards ceremony.  Around 400 animals will be shown in the natural enclosure with parallel activities for the family.

at 21:00 Extraordinary Concert at Plaza de Sintes, by Banda de Música de Teror with their spectacle “Quererte a ti. Homenaje a Camilo Sesto” with national singers Paco Arrojo and Roko.


The western-most town of La Aldea de San Nicolás celebrate their Patron Saint’s festivities in honour of San Nicolás de Tolentino between 1-30 September 2023.

Some of the season’s most popular and anticipated events include El Charco, the Romería pilgrimage, the Bajada de La Rama, the livestock fair, and the El Charco Music Festival.
The main days of festivities are 9-11 September and Monday, 11 September is also a local bank holiday in the municipality. 


Friday 1 September:
at 11:00 the great days of the festivities in honour of San Nicolás de Tolentino begin with the raising of the flag and then the ringing of bells at 12:00 which will be enlivened by Charanga La Aldea and the Sabrosa Banda La Aldea.
21:00-23:00 Verbena Popular, a street party on Plaza La Alameda with ‘Acuarela’ band.
at 23:30 a nighttime musical walk through the streets of the town center.

Saturday 2 September:
From 09:00 the monthly market of La Aldea with a festive atmosphere, with musical performances by Festivas and Guarasón
From 09:30 to 15:00 a car exhibition show on Avenida de San Nicolás.
From 10:00- 21:00, the petanque tournament will begin in the municipal fields
at 20:30 the El Charco Folklore Festival in the Community Development Project Plaza with the La Aldea Parranda, the A.F. Un buchito de café (Gran Canaria), A. F. Cumbre Nueva (La Palma), and Amigos de Punta Rasca (Tenerife).
at 23:30 A lively street party in La Alameda with the group N-Klave and Son La Aldea.

On Sunday, 3 September:
at 19:00 the meeting of the Music Bands will take place at the Plaza de La Alameda with the participation of Sol y Viento (Vecindario) and Aires de La Aldea.


The Festivities of the Virgen del Socorro, Fiestas en Honor a Nuestra Señora del Socorro, the patron of Tejeda is held in September.  Her image is venerated in the church, which has been named after Her. This is a gorgeous time to visit, what is officially designated, one of the most beautiful villages in Spain. The program this year goes from 1 September until 23 September.

On Friday:
at 20:30 Gran Escala HiFi Infantil-Juvenil, local children and young singing well-rehearsed songs.

at 22:00 Conciert by ‘Son Caché’ at Plaza de La Vaguada

On Saturday:
at 21:30 Pregón, proclamation of the festivities in the cultural centre Alfredo Krauss
Agrupación Facaracas and soloists.

at 23:00 Verbena, street party with Dúo Son Alegre and  Ritmo Bakano at Plaza de La Vaguada

On Sunday
at 11:00 the 6th edition of the family run and children’s party with bouncy castles (the old football field)

Upcoming events: 

Saturday 9 September:
at 09:30 Livestock Fair on the grounds of the old football field
at 18:00 Games for children
at 21:30 Tribute concert for Selena

Sunday 10 September:
at 07:30 Diana floreada
at 11:00 church service, followed by a religious procession with the image

Saturday 16 September:
at 17:30 Romería, a pilgrimage offering


The Seafaring festivities in the coastal neighbourhood of Sardina de Gáldar in honour of San Telmo and the Virgen del Carmen will begin this Friday, with the decoration of the streets and the raising of the festival flag, which will take place on the mast of the boat on the roundabout at 20:00. Previously, the players of the Sardina C.F. cadet team And Sociedad de Sardina, league champions last season, will carry the banner from the Neighbourhood Association with the accompaniment of the Banda Gran Canaria.


Friday, 1 September
at 19:00 a lively little street parade to announce the festivities from Calle Bentacaise through the streets to roundabout Pepe Ojeda, where the institutional flag raising takes place
at 21:00 Pregón, proclamation at the sports field

Saturday, 2 September
at 18:00 Romería, pilgrimage offering from Calle Lope de Vega, next to Consultorio Médico de Sardina to Ermita de San Telmo
at 21:00 Verbena de los Romeros, a lively street party.

Sunday, 3 September
10:00-21:00 Comercial Fair “Agüita con la Moda” in Parque Don Juan Aguiar Galván 
at 17:00 Party for kids with bouncy castles, foam party and music



Fiestas del Pino, The Pine Festivities conclude the summer in Arinaga for another year. The main southeastern coastal town on Gran Canaria, where around 10,000 people live, its population increases considerably during these summer months, with the arrival of various visitors eager to enjoy the many attractions of this non-touristy idyll.

The influx of people will once again reach its peak at the end of the summer season, as Playa de Arinaga celebrates the Pine Festivals, its most important and traditional festivities from August 20 to September 10 with an extensive program of recreational, sports, and cultural activities. The festive events also include ‘Una Mar de Encanto’ and ‘Mareas Vivas’, among others.

There is also a lovely little fun fair set up in the area. This is a very popular local fiesta series and it will mean some special traffic and parking restrictions in the area .

1-2 September: The 27th Music Festival “Un mar de encanto” in Soco Negro

On Friday:
from 18:00 in the Soco Negro area, circus and percussion workshops for all audiences, artisan craft stands and craft beer stands.
at 21:00 concert -> Faneroque (from Gran Canaria)
at 22:30 concert ->Lúcia de Carvalho (from La Reunión)

On Saturday:
from 18:00 in the Soco Negro area, circus and percussion workshops for all audiences, artisan craft stands and craft beer stands.
at 21:00 concert -> Hirahi Afonso ( from GC)
at 22:30 concert -> Los Coquillos (from GC)

Also on Saturday:
at 10:30 The 27th Travesía a nado, a swimming competition

On Sunday:
Music and solidarity paella at Muelle de Arinaga (Arinaga pier)
at 11:00 Aquatic water fun for the kids
at 11:00 DJ Antonio Boada
at 12:00 Yeray Socorro
at 13:00 Paella (food)
at 14:00 Yoni and Aya
and at 16:00 Pepe Benavente


The tiny coastal corner, Playa de Ojos de Garza, on the coast next to the main airport, are celebrating their patron saint’s festivities in honour of Santo Cristo between 1-10 September.

The festivities start this Friday, with a little street parade that will take place at 19:30 and later at 21:00, Pregón, the proclamation. Afterward, a floral offering at 22:00, followed by a performance by comedian Iván El Bastonero at 22:30 and music by Kalobo at midnight.

on Saturday, September 2 a fishing contest in memory of Diego Arévalo at 08:00
at 20:00, Romería, the offering pilgrimage, and performances by Canarian music groups at 21:30, and ambient music at 23:00

On Sunday 3, the Juan León Canarian wrestling exhibition at 10:00 and the Canarian Podenco dog breed exhibition at 12:00



Ingenio says goodbye to summer to the rhythm of ‘Sounds of the Wind’ this Friday and Saturday. The seventh edition of this musical festival will take place on Avenida Marítima del Burrero (at the pier end) with the participation of locally famous bands Aseres, Los Salvapantallas, Los 600 and Los Lola. 

Friday, September 1, from 22:00 with the music of ‘Aseres’ and ‘Los Salvapantallas’.

On Saturday September 2, same time, it will be the turn of ‘Los 600’ and later ‘Los Lola’.

To all this, there will be added street entertainment from 21:00 to 22:00 on both days.




The Santa Brígida celebrates ‘Sataute Summer Nights 2023’ this weekend with a concert program in the Municipal Park of the Ville. This is if you are youngish, or feeling young at heart. 

On Friday: FIESTA BLANCA – Wear white to the party and, if you want, be very original in your clothing.
at 21:00 the show begins with DJ’s Promaster, who will liven up the night with eighties music.
at 22:30 the group La Quinta Marcha puts a lot of rhythm with music from today and always. Then the ‘dj’ of Promaster will take over again from 24:00.

On Saturday:
at 19:00 The Battle of the Titans. More than 15 participating “roosters” will skillfully rap through improvised verses.
at 21:30 the most anticipated concert will take place, the special guest of every night of partying on the islands: the Gran Canarian ‘dj’ and producer Abián Reyes.


After three years, the La Barrera Intercultural Meeting returns. This is the ninth edition of this event which will feature 29 countries. On this occasion, Argentina will be the Host country. From 11:00 to 14:00 enjoy children’s activities and workshops.

The inauguration will begin at 16:00 with the Group of Popular Music El Sedal, originally from Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.

The reading of the manifesto will begin around 20:30 and the closing will take place around 22:00 performed by one of the great Argentine national rock bands “El Argentum”.

Artisans, folklore, gastronomy, games, tradition, music and much more


The 6th Mango and Summer Avocado Fair, ‘Feria del Mango y Aguacate de Verano’ on Sunday, 3 September in Playa de Mogán. From 09:00 to 14:00 at Plaza de Las Gañanias.

Local farmers will be selling mangoes and avocados, as well as papayas, pitayas, prickly pears and figs, among other local fayre. There will also be local artisans, live music, and a food stall area.

At the fair you will find mangoes in different varieties such as opten, lippen, valencia Pride and gomera among others. There will be 21 farmers’ stalls from around the municipality. Regarding the avocado, although in smaller quantities you will find known varieties such as the country or summer Antillean that is deeply rooted in the municipality. Due to the heat waves, the harvest has been greatly affected, not only the summer avocado but also the winter avocado in its process, an aspect that has influenced the rise in the price of this product, and the availability at the fair is even more affected.


The English Market, ‘Mercadillo Inglés’ every first weekend of each month in the magic garden of plants and their shop of pots, trinkets, tools and fashions at the British Club (C/ León y Castillo 278) in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria “La Casa de las Semillas”, on Sunday, 3 September 2023.

Between 10:00-18:00, enjoy a unique experience with a wide variety of stalls, from crafts and fashion to food and live music. Find hidden treasures, delight in irresistible flavours and immerse yourself in a festive atmosphere. There are also flowers, lots of flowers and plants (and butterflies!).

Remember that on the third weekend of each month, you can enjoy the Bio Market at the same place, where everything revolves around sustainability ♻️

Entrance to both market events is free and also pet friendly. 



This market, one of the main on Gran Canaria, takes place every fortnight in the facilities of the Cabildo’s Experimental Agricultural Farm, located just off the exit to Arucas from the GC-2, on the north coast of Gran Canaria.

Click here to the map location.

The market comprises local exhibitors (farmers and ranchers) who market their products directly to the consumer, with the aim of lowering the costs.

From 09:00-13:30.


• Friday is always a busy market day in Playa de Mogán, during the morning. This popular market is in one of the prettiest fishing harbour towns on Gran Canaria, very popular with tourists.  You can enjoy a fabulous boat ride from Puerto Rico de Gran Canaria to Puerto de Mogán, or indeed take a local bus, which is very cost effective.

• On Saturday, the Maspalomas market offers all kinds of textiles, Objet dart and other articles, located now in a new venue at Parque Europeo in Playa del Inglés, while the municipal market is being re-built. It is one of the markets most enjoyed among visitors along with Friday’s in Playa de Mogán; El Mercadillo de Maspalomas is on Wednesdays and Saturdays from 08:00 to 14:00.

• On Saturday in Arguineguín, a small second-hand market on Plaza Negra (the marketplace) in the morning 09:00-14:00 with a wide range pre-loved treasures.

• On Sunday, the “rastro” second-hand market, ****The second-hand market now takes place in the Ciudad deportiva de Maspalomas, next to football field 2 and close to Pepe Chiringo and Parque Sur de Maspalomas.

• This Sunday, the very popular biweekly farmers’ Market, ‘Mercado Agrícola y ganadero de San Fernando‘ will be held in the parking area next to the football Stadium and the municipal offices from 08:00 – 14:00. A chance to purchase fresh, locally-grown food and value-added produce directly from growers or producers —  an authentic retail experience.