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Tenerife forest fire stabilised though not yet declared under control

Tenerife forest fire stabilised though not yet declared under control

The Tenerife forest fire has continued through the weekend, though the conditions on the ground have led to more favourable forecasts by fire crews who have been battling since Thursday to bring the blaze under control. Last night and into the early hours of Monday morning work continued along with surveillance to control hot spots, according to reports from the main 1- 1-2 Canary Islands Emergency and Security Coordinating Centre.


Aircraft have continued work from early this morning to extinguishing the flames, which have now stabilised, but, say firefights, are not yet under control, with the declared emergency remaining for the moment as a Level 2 event, meaning that management of the response continues to be the responsibility of the Regional Government.

So far, according to data produced via the Copernicus satellite, the affected area is an estimated 3,000 hectares with a current perimeter of 42 kilometres, according to the latest data provided on Sunday afternoon by the Minister of Public Administrations, Justice and Security of the Government of the Canary Islands, Julio Pérez.


#IFArico Tenerife – uncontrolled but favourable

The forest fire #IFArico continues to be tackled by more than 300 service personnel from across The Canary Islands, seven aircraft including two seaplanes and two more on the way, with more than 2,600 hectares affected and according to the latest reports remains "totally uncontrolled".

Thankfully there have been no casualties reported and the fire remains well away from population centres although it has climbed the slopes into the Teide National Park.

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Posted by The Canary News on Friday, May 21, 2021

This Sunday due to the improved situation a de-escalation of operating teams began, with the UME (Emergency Military Unity) from Gran Canaria and both the Presa and Bravo teams from the Cabildo Gran Canaria having been withdrawn, will more than a hundred professionals continue in the work of subduing the wildfire, assisted by four helicopters and three seaplanes.

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