Two brits living on Tenerife have been involved in a brutal street fight with Policia Local agents on the south of Tenerife. A British citizen, of about 50 years old, remained detained on Monday evening in the cells of the Adeje Local Police, after being denounced (accused) of having allegedly attacked an agent, on Monday morning, as he proceeded to issue a fine to a British immigrant couple for having illegally parked their vehicle in space reserved for people with disabilities, beside the César Manrique park, in the town of Adejero.


The episode occurred after the authorised user of the space, which is marked with the license plate number of their car, was trying to park in their space and found that it had been occupied by another unauthorised vehicle, without the corresponding permit, and so they called the Policia Local, whose job it is to enforce local parking laws and issue fines or even tow vehicles.

Meanwhile on Tenerife: British couple on Tenerife fight Policia Local

Meanwhile on Tenerife: British immigrant couple start throwing punches after being fined for parking illegally in a disabled resident’s designated space. A pretty brutal scene unfolds in front of their frightened young child and several onlookers.

Quick video narrated by an Italian neighbour 😀

Posted by TheCanary.TV on Monday, March 22, 2021

Two agents went to the park area and proceeded to issue a fine, normally placed on the vehicle, when a British immigrant couple, one of whom was the driver, now in custody, and a woman with a child, presumed to be his partner, approached the agents and started to argue, it was not long before one of the local police was allegedly attacked, and so the other tried to immobilise the woman who resisted and tried to assist her companion, while her young child called out for her mummy. The woman started throwing punches too and swearing at the police, as can be seen in the video, while her man was face down on the tarmac, also swearing, with two agents holding him having called for backup.

The policemen were finally able to bring the skirmish under control, which ended with the British citizen, a resident on that Island, being transferred to a holding cell, while the woman was freed to take care of the minor in her charge, said the Adeje press office. Charges against the woman have not been ruled out. The entire sequence of the fight was picked up by an Italian neighbour from her balcony, who narrates entertainingly, while other neighbours watch the altercation from the sidewalks and from inside the park, without intervening.