A bunch of young people celebrating at a GüïGüí Mushroom Party, on hard to access beach, while high on hallucinogenic mycelia, and without masks, were denounced, by Guardia Civil and Policia Canaria agents, on Sunday morning, after having been discovered at a GüïGüí Mushroom Party for The Moon, held on perhaps Gran Canaria’s remotest beach, on the wild west coast. Known as GuiGui (GüïGüí or Guguy dependant on who you ask), a specially deployed joint patrol, involving more than 20 agents, travelled to the off-road location to denounce 79 people who, allegedly, said they were there celebrating the crescent moon. Some agents arrived by other modes of transport, including speedboat and helicopter. According to the Guardia, most of the attendees charged were visiting Italian and French, although there were also some Spanish women present.


The Guardia Civil believes that these people had been on the beach since the previous night, thereby violating the curfew, for which they have been issued a sanction fine for breach of the restrictions and for the absence of masks.

Editor’s Thoughts:

So basically a team of police, from two separate forces, undertook a 2 hour hike to go and spend an hour with a bunch of twenty-something backpackers on a beach, adoring the equinox crescent moon while gobbling down magic mushrooms, before trekking back again?  Seems legit! A totally legitimate use of policing resources on Gran Canaria.

Luckily everything is so very quiet and peaceful on Gran Canaria right now, they have all the resources necessary for a Sunday morning exploratory expedition forces to trek through a remote wilderness for 5 hours, there and back, to go issue some fines to young magic-mushy-nibblers, howling irreverently at the moon.  Brwrwrilliant. We should all feel safer.

A complaint was also issued for “illicit possession of narcotic substances,” said a spokesperson, specifically hallucinogenic fungi, which were allegedly consumed in commemoration of the Crescent Moon, as it is waning, reported the Guardia Civil.

Two dozen agents were reportedly deployed, on Sunday morning, in the municipality of La Aldea (4,100 inhabitants, on the wild west of Gran Canaria) filing several complaints that related to an illegal party alleged to have been held overnight. Guardia Civil confirmed that they had deployed at least six agents from their Citizen Security Unit, alongside their La Aldea detachment, who were joined by agents the Policia Canaria, Regional Canary Islands Police Force. All of them mobilised as a combined force to get to the beach, which can only be accessed on foot or by boat, from the sea.

GüïGüí is one of the natural reserves most loved on Gran Canaria and by local villagers and by environmental groups throughout the Canary Islands. It has several protection declarations governing its use: it is a natural reserve, an area of ​​special ecological sensitivity and a special conservation area.