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Mogán Town Council have once again, through social networks, announced restrictions on the supply of water, this time in the Soria neighbourhood, warning that the water supply cannot be used for drinking, cooking or preparing food.


This is not the first, nor is it the only neighbourhood that is now suffering from these water supply restrictions, apparently, as has been confirmed in other neighbourhoods throughout the municipality, due to high levels of Boron or Sodium in the supply.  Various campaigners and concerned residents have been complaining for years about water management in Mogán, but few can ever remember it being so bad that multiple residential neighbourhoods have had to be repeatedly warned against using the supply they pay for, due to dangerously high levels of chemicals being detected.

The facebook profile of the Mogan Consistory states: “The Public Services Administrative Unit of the Mogán Town Council reports: As a result of certain incidents detected in the supply infrastructures at SORIA, the population is informed that from this moment there is a RESTRICTION on the use of water, which may NOT be used for drinking, cooking or preparing food. “

“The restriction will remain until the Council communicates otherwise. The Council is working to resolve the incidents as soon as possible.”

water supply alert

Breakdowns in the water supply across various neighbourhoods of Mogán have become a signature problem of the current administration, headed up by mayor Bueno and her CIUCA team, among other serious issues such as a lack of social services provision, a total disregard for the work of local NGO’s, including the infamous attempted closure The Food Project in Arguineguín, and of course ongoing investigations into alleged electoral fraud, unsatisfactory urban planning permissions, and a range of questionable decisions on contracts awarded for construction projects and the provision of basic services within the municipality, which accounts for more than 20,000 residents on Gran Canaria.  Arguably few problems could be as serious as the basic provision of water to homes in Mogán.

Municipal water tank cleaning and disinfection work, has led to negative reports of incidents when analysis has been carried out by health officials, most of the time due to excess chloride and sodium levels.

The municipality of Mogán has, in the last year alone, up to the end of 2020, had 9 water supply tanks having been detected to contain excess levels of chloride and sodium in the water, making it not suitable for use by the population, a trend that has continued into 2021, with multiple and frequent warnings being issued from the town hall that water from the taps cannot be used for drinking, cooking, or to prepare food intended for consumption of the general population.

water supply unfit for human consumption


data capture updated to 2020

Above all, the health authorities maintain that the water supply in these places is especially not recommended for consumption by children under 8 years of age.



data capture updated to 2020

Mogán Town Council have had to interrupt the water supply over recent months to the populations supplied by facilities at Arguineguín 1, Arguineguín 2, Filipinas, El Cercado, La Charca, Las Filipinas, Playa de Mogán, Tabaibales, Vento – Loma de Pino Seco.  And now added to that is the supply for Soria, the site of the largest fresh water reservoir in The Canary Islands.

According to data from the Ministry of Health, in 2019 the municipality of Mogán received 125 water quality bulletins, warning that the supply was not suitable for human consumption. Many of them at the same deposits that today continue to read very high levels of harmful chemicals not suitable for human or animal consumption.


2019 report screenshot