The manager currently responsible for the unaccompanied migrant minors, temporarily housed in the Puerto Bello apartments, in Mogán (Gran Canaria), it has emerged, was only appointed to the position one day before being asked to give a statement to the Prosecutor’s Office Puerto Bello investigation based on anonymous allegations sent on June 10, and so he says he does not know what happened in March, when the reported sexual crimes are supposed to have occurred.

Spokesperson for the Prosecutor’s Office and chief prosecutor of Las Palmas, Beatriz Sánchez, informed Spanish news agency Efe this Wednesday, that the new person in charge has been working at this centre for only a month, so he “did not know anything” about what may have occurred and is already assisting the Public Prosecutor’s Office after the local mayor communicated on Tuesday anonymous complaints reported to be from a group of workers who sent a message by email to the Town Council on June 10.

After declaring the head of the centre’s testimony, the Prosecutor’s Office has ordered the Guardia Civil to locate eleven escaped minors, who have apparently left the Puerto Bello since March, including one possible victim of abuse -according to the anonymous complaint-, as well as educators and workers who have passed through these facilities since the events under investigation are said to have occurred.

All of them will be summoned to make a statement, Sánchez has indicated.

The prosecutor insisted that the complaint relates occurrences that had not previously been brought to the attention of the Prosecutor’s Office, in reference to sexual assaults and the exercise of prostitution, to which the workers refer in the anonymous email.
In any case, Sánchez has stressed that this complaint “must be assessed in its proper measure”, since it has been presented at the Town Council and to the Ministry of Social Rights, when it should have been filed in a court and with the Civil Guard, as is appropriate for such allegations, although it will be investigated, as are all anonymous complaints that come to them.